Wheres the Epic vault keys

My guess would be, that these keys have 2 different item ID’s with their own chances signed to each other.
And my other guess it that VK ID has increased chances to drop during Vault Event, EVK doesn’t have.

That’s what can make it behave quite differently than what we expect.

this is exactly what is going on. VK had a boost for the weekend. EVK did not. This is why them running a test after the event is over is showing things working as intended.

They need to go pull their data from the event and see how many EVK dropped compared to VK. Also… they need to stop setting themselves up for failure by saying things like “10% of vault keys should be EVK”

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Are we sure all gnome types are capable of dropping a EVK in all game modes that spawn gnomes?
Examples I’ve seen was a treasure gnome in cedrics vault dropping the EVK, and usually Cedric would have a much higher chance to drop a VK.

My one and only EVK was in Explore level 3 from a Soul Gnome.


I appreciate the transparency of the devs disclosing the tests that were done. I also appreciate the measured, civil feedback from the community suggesting further analysis.
Hopefully this scores a point in the “devs didn’t have to cry themselves to sleep this time” column…


I’ve only got 1 epic vault key, and it was from a treasure gnome while using a normal vault key. whats stupid is it doesn’t even really give you many more rewards. I got 55 diamonds from Cedric with a normal key, then got 60 from Cedric with the epic vault key.

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How’s the epic vault keys for everyone? Better then last gnome event? I have still found 0 so either I’m unlucky or the devs just don’t get it . I just want one to get 1 then I don’t care about them.

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I’m going to go with ‘the devs just don’t get it.’

I really hoped there would be a stealth buff to the drop rates, but it’s just as demoralising as last time.

The drop rate is so far off 10% that there is no point in spending hours during Vault weekends chasing the achievement. It’s just a matter of blind luck during normal play for me from now on.


I kinda wish they would just say “Epic keys aren’t 10% as rare as normal vault keys during vault events, just in general” or more preferably “Yeah, we made a mistake and this will be fixed.”

Instead all we get is mostly silence :frowning:


Someone who made about 10,000 trophies didn’t find an epic key. That’s a huge grind.

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I say just split the tracker screen to read 0/5 gnome 0/10 epic .0/10 gnome 0/20 epic , 0/15 , gnome 0/30. Keep epic keys in values of 10 only .