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Complete & Utterly Worthless Vault Key

What the heck have you guys done? A VAULT IS WHERE TREASURE IS!!! Vault keys are hard one & even harder to find - far & few between & when I do get one… I get a glitch & the game stops with Cedric frozen in place with & I quote: 170xp, 53 gold, 19 souls, Treasure Gnome Card, 5 gems, 2 minor TS, 100 Souls.

What kind of “CRAP” Treasure is this? I can go & do all this for myself in Explorer within 1/2 hour or less for sure!

TREASURE IS Something VALUABLE Devs Like: 40k to 50k in Gold - 20 to 50 Arcanes - 100-150 Major TS or 250 Minor TS - 5k to 7k Souls - 500 Gems !!! <==== That’s TREASURE BOYS!

You know, a treasure found by a hard gotten Key! Why are you taking so much away & making it
Worthless? I don’t understand the dynamic of failure to making it a “Treasure Vault”

Disappointed for sure!

Sincerely, Kevin S Becker (AKA: Shepard @ TROOPERS)


Well not completely worthless

50 Arcanes is 30%-50% of the total arcanes needed for any individual type. That’s a ridiculous reward for a vault key. Some of your reward levels would allow dedicated players (read: people who spend 10h+) to finish traiting the entire game in a single weekend day.

There’s no good treasure for the Vault’s “once-a-month” rarity for mostly casual players. Nothing is both “not game breaking” and “worth it” simultaneously. You’re more on the right track with your gold rewards: I think it’d be appropriate if a Vault trip let me almost always finish off a guild LT. That’d actually make me pretty hype.

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Yes there is. I’ve gotten orbs from a vault before 60k gold etc.

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