The Vault rewards


Is it normal for the vault to give only 3 rewards (from 3 regular gnomes)? And if it’s so, what is the Cedric Sparklesack’s sack (for the lack of a better term :wink: ) drop rate?


I don’t necessarily think you only got 3 rewards…so, when I beat my first vault I only got 2 sacks: one contained 9000 gold and the other had 100 gems. I believe that if any of the gnomes drop any of the same item, that item is then compiled into one sack. So, let’s say Mr. Sparklesack dropped the 100 gems, but the other three gnomes dropped 3000 gold each. That would equal the 1 sack of 9000 gold and the 1 sack of gems.


Looks as though that’s the case here. 2000 souls and 100 souls thrown into the same bag.


Ugh, if that’s the issue it looks like the rewards from vault sometimes suck mightily :neutral_face: . It would mean that Cedric had only one gem key this time. Well, too bad, but nothing can be done, I guess.


I would say, based on AngryMidget’s comment that Cedric had 2000 souls. The other loots came from the regular gnomes.


2000 souls is even worse reward than 1 key, so I hope that’s not the issue :wink:


I agree, but I wouldn’t see any other reason for one drop from a Gnome to be 100 souls, and from another to be 2000.


Yes, you’re probably right. Again, too bad :weary:


I also got the damn 2000 souls from Cedric…it was like a kick between the legs…


Yeah, and we really did it to ourselves… we wanted more gnomes so we have them. At a cost of worse rewards. If they had rewards that were in place before nerf, the vault key would be worth 3 times more. Damn :disappointed_relieved:


I got a bad feeling about the vault event, i really hope we won’t need token and need to play just 1 specific place to see them, that would be BS


The problem we never asked the vault key rewards to be nerfed, we asked the normal gnome to be nerfed


You believe it was a bug in which they fixed? Are you new? (I don’t mean that in a rude way).

I didn’t even look at the rewards in the vault. I assumed they were pants and clicked off it. Rather blind ignorance than angry realisation.


What bug? I mean that after gnomes disappeared (after initial surge) there was a loud outcry to nerf rewards but keep spawning rates high. And the devs actually listened, for a first time in a long time. Now I even know why did they listen - vault keys got nerfed along with gnomes… yeah, hurray :roll_eyes:


The dev took the opportunity to nerf both but it’s clearly not what people wanted

They wanted rewards nerfed on the gnome drop but they wanted the vault rewards to stay the same


I know, and I actually believed (silly me) that it would be the case.


They disappeared because there was a bug which made them appear too much. Players asked for them to return but with lower rewards. And you are correct, for once they listened.

Originally the spawn rate was what it is now, but with decent loot. Unfortunately things aren’t tested, so when people were gallivanting about farming Gnomes the devs decided we were getting to much and nerfed the spawn rate. Then spun this rubbish about it being an accident.


Oh, I didn’t understand what you meant by bug, but you are correct. I know, that the initial spawn rate was incorrect as it was supposed to be reserved for the event. The lack of testing is just plain annoying and the game just gets more and more exasperating. Edit: And the new mode… Tediously slaying the same old Zuul Goth just to get some insignificant rewards (yay, 2100 souls from vault key) - I feel like a butt of a joke, and the joke is in really bad taste.


It really didn’t make sense for them to change the vault rewards, but most of what the devs do doesn’t make sense most of the time. So it goes.


I should also add that the reward from the screen belongs to my wife, but we have the same account levels and we even actually raced slaying Zuul. Now we both feel burned out and angry… Even pvp competition for top 10 or 20 weren’t ever THIS tedious.