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Epic Vault Keys

Please can we make epic vault keys appear more regularly? I am a daily player usually playing around 45-50 hours per week and despite them being available for months i have never seen a single one. They are clearly far too rare and the drop rate needs to be increased significantly.


The only time to really go for epic vault keys is a gnome weekend, do 40 hours on that and you’ll get one.

There’s no need to buff their drop rate, the rewards you get from it on average are not worth bothering imo


Sorry you had bad luck :frowning:

I managed to get 3 so far without overexerting myself. Last one was this Monday, just a random explore battle.

I understand the frustration, but the EVK drop rate has already been upped since release, I don’t expect we’ll get a further increase. Like PP said, your best chance is vault weekends, when the chances of getting a vault key or epic vault key are greater.

Tbf in the first couple vault weeks they didn’t buff the EVK rates so that the ratio between vault keys and EVK were completely wrong lol.

That is some great bad luck, mate. Though I don’t put as many hours as you do on the game, I could find 6-7 of them till date. I hope you would be able to find one soon.

I also have spent many, many hours every week, including vault weekends and I still have not found an epic key either.

i am expecting to craft EK before finding my first epic vault key

When you do, I’d be down to trade!

Right there with ya. Many, many hours played and never seen one either.

Trying to get 1 key for the achievement is stupid no need for it to be this hard.

It’s an “ACHIVEment” isn’t it ? If it was easy it wouldn’t be called “achivement” or would it?
But apart from that.
It’s drop rate should be like 0.1 of standard vault key. Try cheap dificulty 1 explore runs during Vault Weekend to get one.

(i’ve got 2 so far… both on Weekends)

Why is the bloody drop rate so low if you read other comments on here some players have spent 1000’s of hours trying to get a key and got nothing for there trouble. What is the bloody waste our time because the scum who made this game won’t increase the drop rate.

Achievements are supposed to unlock as well unlike the shrine achievement that is unobtainable no thanks to yet more over paid lazy programmers

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I play a similar amount, around 50 hours per week, and have only had 1 so far. I was starting to think they were all just a myth until I actually got the one for myself.

This the problem with scumbag game developers they can’t get it through there thick head that we have a life not all of us can waste 50 hours on a game trying to get a bloody key that is luck based.

I know you are angry that you haven’t dropped an EVK yet, but a) just because people play 50 hours a week doesn’t mean they don’t have a life. I have a full time job and a family. b) Gems of War is my relaxation time, I don’t see it as a waste, otherwise I and many others wouldn’t play it c) Yes it’s luck based, I was getting frustrated and in the end thought, just chill out, it will come eventually, and it did d) I completely agree with the shrine achievement, broken achievements are just not acceptable.


Let me make it more frustrating for those who are trying for that EVK achievement.

The achievement on Steam is not counted on Mobile. Because there is no way to trigger an Epic Vault battle without the second EVK.

So if you get a second EVK, spend it using a different device for the achievement to unlock there too.

Same goes for 2 Epic Vaults in single TH run and a bunch more of them…

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You also get an Achievement for finishing the tutorial, joining a guild, changing your hero’s costume, completing your first challenge battle, reaching level 10 and a whole bunch of other trivially pointless things.

“ACHIEVEment” is not a great argument point to anything, ever.

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Of course you do. But what i’m pointing out is: not all achievements are easily done “on the way”. Assuming all should be easy, because few of them are easy is a big mistake from a player.

Just look at other games on the market and see how are those achivements constructed:
In WoW, you got many achivements, few of them being trivial and basicaly gained “on the way”. But there are few of my fauvorites that aren’t nesesary difficult, but require time and dedication:
Explore whole world, which (for a Horde player) requires cutting your way trough one of enemy capital cities to explore newbie area…
Killing every dungeon Boss on the other hand requires (for Alliance player), going into the middle of one f enemy capital cities just to enter the place.

Another of my fautorite examples on topic would be EU IV achivements, which again differ from
getting an alliance with other coutry, which is fairly easy and doable as you play, to achivements that were done by less than 0,01% of all players (like Conquering whole world as a country that starts as a small 1 province island just next to a powerfull warmachine which is China at Ming dynasty).

Getting back to topic:
Point is, not all achivements should and are completed as you go… In fact, these easy-to-obtain ones, exist only to encourage player to chase after those more difficult ones (and as such, dedicate more time and energy into playing the game). That’s the achivements role in gaming. They are there to addict playerbase and set up a goal.
Since most of GoW achivements are push-overs that don’t require a lot. I’d assume there will be more in future that will require some special preparations or dedicating a lot of time into getting one (geoff is on them, epic vault is another, getting #1 in ranked pvp might be 3rd one)

Doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change the fact using the word “Achievement” in video games to mean that all challenges need to provide a challenge of any kind is absolutely pointless when so many “Achievements” are complete throwaways with no meaning.

Should I be telling someone congrats for their “Achievement” for leaving their game on for 100 hours idling and unplayed?

“Achievements” in video games are something a player got for whatever reason and that’s where it stops. There’s no forced arbitrary challenge behind it to inflate its worth. Now imagine if the poster used the term “Trophy”. There wouldn’t be some stupid word play behind that.