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Epic Vault Keys

Please can we make epic vault keys appear more regularly? I am a daily player usually playing around 45-50 hours per week and despite them being available for months i have never seen a single one. They are clearly far too rare and the drop rate needs to be increased significantly.


The only time to really go for epic vault keys is a gnome weekend, do 40 hours on that and you’ll get one.

There’s no need to buff their drop rate, the rewards you get from it on average are not worth bothering imo


Sorry you had bad luck :frowning:

I managed to get 3 so far without overexerting myself. Last one was this Monday, just a random explore battle.

I understand the frustration, but the EVK drop rate has already been upped since release, I don’t expect we’ll get a further increase. Like PP said, your best chance is vault weekends, when the chances of getting a vault key or epic vault key are greater.

Tbf in the first couple vault weeks they didn’t buff the EVK rates so that the ratio between vault keys and EVK were completely wrong lol.

That is some great bad luck, mate. Though I don’t put as many hours as you do on the game, I could find 6-7 of them till date. I hope you would be able to find one soon.

I also have spent many, many hours every week, including vault weekends and I still have not found an epic key either.

i am expecting to craft EK before finding my first epic vault key

When you do, I’d be down to trade!

Right there with ya. Many, many hours played and never seen one either.