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Where did ALL my Teams go Again x3 + 1

This is my 3rd time posting about losing ALL my Teams and it happened last week (x3) and then again This week (+1) shorlty after I had them all setup again.

However, it’s not completely random to me now. I found that if I’m playing an Arena Battle and at the END of the battle but BEFORE the Victory Splash screen I get a message saying something like …

This game has already been won and awarded we’ll take you back to the main map now. Or something to that effect.

Then it gives me a loss for the battle I had just won and resets ALL my teams. This happened last week as well. Also, it seemed to have reset my profile stats as well. Before this happened, it said my Highest Rank was 7 and Longest Win Streak was 117 (I think or maybe 113, anyway 100+). Now it says Highest Rank 13 and Longest Win Streak 46.

It’s not a big deal to me, I’m just reporting it so you guys can look into what is happening and perhaps make it more stable.

A couple of weeks ago and this probably would have really annoyed me pretty bad. However, I’m actually quite enjoying playing around setting up different teams and figuring out what teams give the best bonuses and whatnot. I have way too many troops for the current amount of banners we have so having them reset weekly is actually kinda nice now that I think about it. I don’t like breaking teams I make but I always run out of banners and then get an idea for more teams so a weekly reset allows me to test out new ideas. Too bad this is a bug causing it and not an intentional reset.

The only bad part is that the Defending Team gets destroyed too so I have nothing to defend me against an invader when this happens until I go setup a team. However, if this were to happen more frequently, I could see it becoming extremely annoying. Anyway, off to make some teams now.

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Hey mate, at one time or another I have used my Steam account to log into the game where mainly I would be using my mobile.

This has caused me greater grief than switching teams back to old ones I’ve had set-up that are still on record in the PC account as present ones.

Items I’ve bought through Glory, troops obtained/levelled/traited have also been reverted back to what they were previously, (a direct email to support was able to correct this).

This may also be occurring with what the other hardware system states is your ‘best performance’, reverting it back to the last time you were on it.

If this is possibly the case, I’d suggest sticking to either the mobile or Steam form of GoW, it’s what I’ve done since and has stopped any further issues arising.

Interesting, I’m on a PC and am using Steam only. I can’t even honestly tell you whether I lost any traits on troops or anything like that cuz I don’t pay close enough attention to what all troops I’ve traited and whatnot. Especially lately, with as much as I’ve been changing up teams to try different combos. I typically let traitstones build up until I have a bunch of options of who/what to trait etc. and then trait what seems to be the best at that time (when I’m putting together a team).

Nowadays it would be a lot harder for me to spot, but it was at a time when I spent 2000 glory just to trait a well used particular troop. With the glory, traits and extra troops disappearing the next morning.

I have no idea what else was lost and find it quite understandable for you to feel the same.

But as for the team disappearances, I know for sure that if I logged my Steam account right now, then switched back to mobile later, the team’s would change back to what they were on the Steam account.

Same thing, all teams gone. I had finished Arena. There was a error about login at the end of the match and it gave me a loss when I won. I finished Arena then bought 50 troops. After getting the troops settled in I went to PVP as it was flashing which is annoying. The game froze with a partially loaded screen that showed team numbers not teams that were set up. I restarted the game and confirmed all teams were wiped. This is very inconvenient for someone with chemo brain.
No steam account, Android Galaxy S 5 Active.

I only use steam and only log onto my account from 1 PC but this has happened to me several times so far. I wish a Dev would chime in to let us know they are at least AWARE of the problem and working on it. They should try to compensate us with keys, glory, souls, gems, a unique troop or SOMETHING anyway.

I guess we should be glad we didn’t also actually LOSE our troops. Which actually happened to my brother. He didn’t JUST lose TEAMS he lost ALL his troops and got some message telling him to just start a new account cuz they couldn’t retrieve his info from the server and he doesn’t have it backed up on FB.

If that EVER happens to me, I’ll be completely done with this game. I’ve put in too much time and energy to start over at level 1 with just a few troops.

If his account was lost he should contact our support team at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. We generally can find a player’s account and help them restore it.

@Nimhain Thanks for the info and the link. I’ll let him know about it as soon as I get a chance. He was pretty bummed that he lost all his troops at a time when he was FINALLY actually getting into the game and enjoying it.

He was tempted to not play anymore, but the addiction pulled him back and he spent $25 trying to help him get back to where he was. Is there any way that can be transferred over to his old account if it can be recovered?

If he contacts our support team, I’ll see what I can do.

Cool, thanks. I will let him know when he gets off work this evening.

@Nimhain I finally was able to talk to my brother and actually just got the info from him and submitted the ticket for him while we were on the phone.

He wasn’t positive on his invite code for the old account but he used the same email address for both accounts so you should probably be able to track it down that way.

Thanks for your help!

Just to add my own experience.

It happens too me yesterday, all team set up were gone. I had to redo my teams, no biggie.
Where it become interesting, at least for me, is that it also happens after a “this battle has been already finished” screen, giving a loss when i won, in arena.

So there seems to be quite the same trigger for all the posters here.

The only difference in my case is that it happens on ps4. So, it seems we know the trigger and that its not platform specific.

Hope it helps

Just happened to me, and I received the same error message in the Arena about the battle being already finished, I had actually won the battle, but it counted it as a loss. Thankfully it was only the first.