All my teams got erased!


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

All my teams got wiped. All team banners are now set to blue/brown. I expected my teams and banners to remain as I had set them up originally. I reset my defend team manually, but its banner is now the wrong colors. I am on Steam, my Steam ID = captain_video111, my GoW invite code = “CAPTAIN VIDEO”.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Kick GoW server in the rear.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

I assume you can look this up.:anguished:


Do you play on Mobile and Steam or just Steam?

This has been seen for people playing on both platforms, and it might be useful for them if you’re on Steam only to help narrow down the issue.


Happened to me too almost two days ago. Wanted to play a Khetar challenge, got some tutorial like notification that I could now assemble a full team, automatically ended up in the setup screen with all teams gone. Playing on Steam only.

Let’s call it the Tigerclaw disease, seems to be contagious. :head_bandage:


This just happened to me as well.
Was opening some chests and finally got a crimson bat. I opened troops to lvl it up and instead of the 20 teams on the left it showed just 1 locked team with a text something like:
"unlocks at lvl 0"
Tried to do an invade but none of my teams were found. Force shut down the app and restarted and BAM, just like cap all teams reset with blue/brown banner.

Only playing on iOS.
Shortly before I lost an arena game with some error msg saying “this fight has already been completed or another one has started” so I guess this might be server lag related somehow.

Edit: wonder what my defense team will be because cba fixing this atm


It will be an empty team with the Broken Spire banner. Sirrian speculated that this bug is the reason they would see some defense teams with 0 troops.


Was playing on Android phone this morning, and changed hero classes, so I made adjustments to several teams. Switched to iPad in the afternoon, and the team changes had reverted (including those made to my defensive lineup).


not sure if the ipad has a cache, but if it does, you need to clear it before playing GoW (especially after making major changes)


Bumpity bump. I just got hit by this today. All teams gone, all banners reset to brown/blue. Any reason why this is still happening?


@RiverSong, play on another device for the first time in a few weeks? Are your teams cleared or restored to an older version?


@Mufasha I alternate between iPhone 5c and iPad Air. All teams are gone, not reset.


Ohh, time to hit your defend team before you fix it! :imp:


Too late, already reinstated!


A little exfoliation before the summer patch I guess.

When my teams got messed around with I had not logged into the game on my (more like my wife’s) iPad in over a month. The iPad pushed my old teams instead of pulling the new ones and I had a nostalgic walk through 1.8 during 1.9.