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Where did ALL my Teams go?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I was expecting to login and still have all my teams together. But what happened is I logged in and had ZERO teams.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Simply logging in. I did NOTHING to make this happen. ALL my flags are now brown and empty of troops.
(Aside from the two teams I just made to invade and defend). I used to have 16 or 17 teams all setup and ready for battle.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

I didn’t bother to take screenshots or video as it seems pretty self explanatory.

Hi @LightningStorm,

Thank you for reporting this.

We are aware sometimes this can happen and is caused by a connection issue to the server and not saving your team data, we are working on a solution to fix this issue.
Once this issue is fixed we will inform everyone about the fix.


Will the flags regain their colors when this is fixed? It’s much easier to remember teams based on the flags when there is a difference between them. Anyway, glad to know you are working on this issue.

When you choose a team to edit, a ‘Bonuses’ button will appear next to the ‘Hero’ button. Clicking it will show all team bonuses, as well as allow you to select whichever kingdom banner you’d like. You can even have 10 teams that all use the same banner.

Banners also don’t have to relate to the kingdom they belong to, because bonuses apply to any and all troops in a team.

Hi @LightningStorm,

it should work now its just sometimes when you try to connect to the server and you loose connection sending the data over does not get sent and that is why this has happened.
It will be more stable in the next update.

Thank You. This is what I needed to know. I just need to setup my troops under whatever banners I want now.

I know this is PC/mobile support, but today I had this happen on XB1. (when i tried to make a similar topic, it was suggested i go to this topic.) I also logged in and expected to go to Invade, and see my troops. I tried using the “Bonuses”, it was blank as well.
ETA:OH, and another thing happened yesterday. I was in the Arena, had won my first battle, and then lost server connection. The error said I was going to be taken back to the main map, and that i had lost the battle (which i didn’t do at all). so, is this related?
paging @Nex and @Mr.Strange to see what help I might get or what info is needed:)

Holy hand grenades that team is nuts.

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Loss of server connection will always result in a loss - that’s to prevent abuse. So unfortunately that is the expected behavior.

Ok, and i think you said in another thread about someone wanting their Sheggra back that if the server disconnects in an inappropriate time, then there’s no rescuing “things” right? so, i have to rebuild my teams again? Tbh, I’m not sure if the teams were still together after the server crashed on me or not, but it crashed and went right back into the screen before the next battle. (0 wins 1 loss). I’ll check again later to see if it was just gremlins or not.

Sadly, Not gremlins. (start agaaain)

It’s best to take things on a case-by case basis, but here’s some general guidelines:

1 - If you spent money on something, there is a record outside of the server. So if a server problem causes you to not get your kingdom bundle, or similar real-money purchase, 505 support can usually track it down and correct the problem.

2 - If you do something that’s all internal to the game (configure a team, spend glory on keys, change hero weapon) and a server error causes you to lose the results of that action - there’s no record of what you did, and so no good way to recover it.

Being a live online game comes with some baggage - and dependence on server connection is one. But the positive trade-off is a lack of cheating like you see in client-side games!

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In other words, if you used Real Money, the Devs can track it and reimburse you.

However, if you’ve only spent in-game money (Gems, Gold, Glory) there is no record if the server crashes or you simply lose connection to the server so they can’t confidently reimburse you. This is cuz ANYONE could CLAIM anything and create a nightmare for the Devs.

Sorry, I just realized I should just start a new topic so I deleted my original post.