My teams were erased

On Steam & Android

After the new event started, I tried to
PVP but was greeted by this instead:

All 20, blank and displaying the Broken Banner.

Hmm… that’s the first time we’ve heard of that (as far as I know).
Has anybody else encountered this?
I’ll get the team to check it out first thing tomorrow.

I’ve noticed that Android doesn’t load team data from server but from local memory, but saves data to server when you log off. For example, if you make a team on Android, then load on steam you’ll see the team. If you modify the team on steam, the next time you load Android you won’t see the changes. And when you log out of Android it then saves the old team so the next time you load steam it will have reverted as well.

Sounds like you tried to load on Android (perhaps during the patch?) and your data was lost, then it saved the blank teams to server. At that point if you try to load on steam you get the blank teams too.

edit: just tested. Logged on steam, all was fine. Made a new team. Logged out. Logged on Android. New team was NOT present, but rest were. Logged out. Logged onto Steam. New team IS still there. This is different behavior than I experienced a few days ago.

@dhjl You need to reset your Defensive Team, unless you are intending a blank team. I just got a retaliation to your team, all Broken Banner/Empty. Just FYI.

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:sweat_smile: Thanks, I forgot about that.

That might explain the occasional empty defense team!

This happened to me too last Thursday , I’m playing on steam and iOS. And after that my defense team disappears from time to time. But nothing happened yesterday and today.
P.S. I just revenge you twice haha.

All my teams got erased today as well. I don’t even remember all of the stupid puns I used to name them. :crying_cat_face: