All teams reset to much earlier state at random(?) times

I’m a new player, still learning the interface after just a week of play, and for a while I thought I was screwing something up or not understanding what was happening. The guys in my guild forum are telling me this is not normal, and after what just happened it’s clear that it has to be a bug.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I expect the team interface to actually work, and my settings and teams not to disappear at seemingly random intervals.

In general, this is what is happening:

  1. I go into the top-level teams view (from the map screen), edit a team, and make sure it is selected.
  2. I play several games with the new team successfully.
  3. I start a new game - PvP or PvE - or go into a defense team selection view - main PvP or Guild Wars.
  4. The team displayed (and actually in use if I start the match) is an old team, one that I made in slot 1 when I was level 10 or so. If I look in the other slots, they all show the same banner (red/blue from the starting kingdom) and have empty teams.
  5. To play with my current team again, I must manually reenter it. Again. For the fifteenth (multiple profanities redacted) time.

This seems to happen about once every 30-60 minutes of gameplay. It usually but not always has blanked my teams whenever I start up a client. It’s happened on my Samsung tablet, on a Bluestacks virtualized tablet install, and on the PC client installed from Steam. It does not matter what slot I remake my team in.

I was playing exclusively on the Samsung when it started - I can’t remember doing anything weird in that period. Part of the reason I’ve tried more clients is to see if that would fix this (though I’ve found the PC client is the best - scrolling in the team builder screen sucks on a touchscreen and I’ve had to do a LOT of that lately).

The particular sequence of events which got me to finally conclude that it isn’t my fault about a half hour ago went like this:

  1. Playing on my Samsung Android tablet while my PC is crunching an audio project. I’d lost the team when starting, then once again when I looked at the PvP defense tab.
  2. Did some kingtom management/upgrades, used a couple of reward keys, then started playing quest lines.
  3. Started a 2-part quest line segment. My desired team came with me into the first match. I won, and the interface puts shows me the dialogue then the ready screen for the next match, and the teams had fully reset. I did NOTHING except play the match then click through the dialogue.
  4. When I got done yelling, I remade my team AGAIN, and played the next match successfully.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Just start the app, or play the game for a while. This feels like my teams list is being overwritten by another device or server which is stuck with a corrupted, non-updating copy of the data. I’ve exhausted everything I can think of on my side. I’m hoping that you can scrub something server-side. Since the forums aren’t screaming bloody murder about this issue, it’s got to be something specific to me.

I really love this game, but this bug is rage-inducing and I can’t keep wasting time remaking teams - and of course it makes bothering with more than a single team slot pointless.


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