Defense Team broken?

I set my defensive team and when I log in the next day, I see that the team that I set to represent me is not the team I set up. This is not the first time this has happened either. I have also noticed if I set up a specific team and back out and bring the screen back up it is a totally different team as well. What is going on? And no it is not human error. Anyone else seeing this issue? I know my husband who plays has had this happen as well.

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If it is the same problem that is on the PC/Android it is because sometime when in PVP you edited your PVP team, which switches your Defense to the team you are editing.

I know what you are saying and that’s not what I did.

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I have the same issue. To fix it, just keep exiting back to the world map, go back into PvP then change your team again. When you go back and see the team you want, it should stick. Usually takes me about 3 tries to get it to stick, and I never edit my team from the defender tab.

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You don’t have to edit on the Defender Tab. If you edit it on the PVP or Casual it does it. And I actually think I read even if you edit in Explore…though I have never tried to prove that.

Just use slot one as your defense. That is the slot it sometimes defaults to.


I’m having this same problem on PC. Sometimes my defense team just seems to randomly change. This last time it was to a team I looked at in the troops menu, didn’t play and didn’t edit. I DID do a search to see if I had a card to slot in the team but I didn’t, so I made no changes and went back to PvP and chose a different team.

This team was also in my fifth spot, so not 1st as some people have seen.

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ive had the cases where some settings (avatar visual change, team edition) dont seem to actually update

usually simple game restart solves it for me, if no, i enter and exit any fight then it can update

The problem still exists.