When can I sell my Treasure Maps

Firstly, they are prolific. Secondly, they are boring to play. I’d really love a “sell your map” option, even if you only get a small bit of gold/souls/stones. Please consider!

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If you play them you will get small bit of gold stones souls :stuck_out_tongue:

But it would take years to play them!

I know i was joking :slight_smile: i just wish they add jewels as reward, it would give me a reason to play them

Not sure it would be enough for me. I wouldn’t find more time to play them. :smiley:

No jewels please, unless they are also found elsewhere. We want to avoid overcentralizing gameplay or driving people into modes they don’t inherently like just because that is the only place where they can get relevant rewards. The colored jewels might be okay, but diamonds are hard bottlenecked and time gated, so this would have everyone doing treasure hunt whether they like it or not to the point of inducing burnout.

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They could also add them in chest or after each fight like the stones, i wasn’t saying TH should be the only way we should find it

Also i was talking about colored jewels and shard of Course

Diamond could also be there but only with a small % chance and only in the vault

Every 100 moves earn you a diamond?


Did I mention boring to play? I alway try to thin mine out, but after 3 game start chewing on my hair.

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Another idea would be a “cash out” option. I’d love to simply launch a board, the click a “just gimme what’s already there” and move on.

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The problem with suggesting an addition like this is in its actual implementation. For example to make "room for colored Jewels (NON diamonds) they would entirely remove Gems from the reward table.

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Why not remove the keys?

Ok they would remove Gems AND Keys😉

Lol leave my gems alone

Brown chest could give brown yellow jewels
Green chest could give green blue jewels
Red chest could give red purple jewels

Vault give shards and diamond

Any interest in adding trophies to the rewards of the treasure map? I agree it is boring and the constant cascading makes me cringe just a bit. Lol.