When "bad luck" gives you an awesome comeback victory

So I just invaded someone who I think was around level 330, and he had this nasty team of Slime/Venoxia/Slime/Venoxia. Venoxia had 19 attack, so pretty terrifying. I had my Forest Faerie team (Gloomleaf/Dryad/Treant/Green Seer), which has been doing pretty well even against other green teams, so I’m thinking this’ll be a challenge but not too bad.

Well, it got off to a bad start when they got two skull matches early on and knocked out Gloomleaf before I could even use his spell. Things didn’t improve much; I tried to deny the mana they needed to really start looping, and for a while that worked, and then I made one fatal error and the looping began. Dryad and Treant fell before I could even touch the bottom two enemies, leaving just my little Green Seer.

Then things turned around a bit; I started getting skull matches fairly often while keeping the enemy from looping too heavily. I started to make some progress, and got the enemy down to the last troop. Then I got nailed with a skull match and then Venoxia’s spell went a couple times, reducing me to 1 health, and all I needed was a two good skull matches. I got one, but then Venoxia powered up. I had no mana, because I had just used my spell. Fortunately, that meant Venoxia was entangled.

My only chance was to give him a skull match, knowing the AI would waste a move and do no damage. Only problem was, there was no way to set him up. But I found a way to give him a 4 match, and threw the dice–he set himself up for skulls! I was then able to set him up for skulls again, and fortunately his entanglement didn’t clear so he wasted another turn. That set me up for a 4 match of my own, which gave me half the mana I would need to use my spell. But unless that gave me something, I was toast. I got the match, and it dropped…skulls! Inwardly I cackled with wicked glee as I took out Venoxia with Green Seer, and celebrated my best comeback ever.


That is playing it to the wire for sure, never took that much of a risk, but I have had similar games where luck turns around, but I tend to think the game is geared to do that since it will happen quite often. (the more of a risk I take in making a bold move, the AI seems to reward me) I think that is where the synergy comes into play.

But yeah, pretty cool that you one that one!