When Invades go Horribly Wrong

So I was mucking about with a farm deck on some challenges on Warlord IV. I got distracted prior to changing my difficulty back and forgot this fact when I came back to play. Launched a revenge and ran into this:

I almost quit out immediately, but decided to see how far I could get. The game started with some very lucky drops for me and a LOT of board manipulation. Sadly I couldn’t pull it off completely and ended up losing with only Sunweaver on their side.

So good lesson, don’t forget to set your difficulty back before invading! ;). Anyone else have stories of invades gone horribly wrong?



That’s a really lame defense team tho. My biggest tragedy while invading was like three or four months ago, all my troops got one shoted by a Sheggra using the skull bug, I think the attacker was a Hero. I didn’t had the chance to move even once. :sadface:

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@Razlath Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt pictured below:

Moral of the story is, I must never set the difficulty high and get distracted: beat downs follow. Thanks for the reminder :sunny:


The game really needs a difficulty setting on the scout screen and some kind of indication as to what current difficulty is active.


Ouch! Glad I wasn’t around for that bug. I bet it made for some surprising and rather sudden losses.


It made anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to have Sheggra almost ragequit every time they ran up against him. To make matters worse, this was also before they limited the game’s ability to run multiple 4 or 5 gem matches in a row (getting hit with five or more consecutive 4 or 5 multi-gem matches in a row was fairly common). You can still see this in the higher difficulties as I think it’s only nerfed on Normal and Hard,

I had the three skull makers, it was some good times. :') Matches were 30-50s long lol.