The kind of bad luck that seems more like bias


I just lost a PvP match (my first after the reset), and I’ve never seen the likes of it. I’m level 256 or so, and my opponent was 108. So instead of using my Forest Faeries (Gloomleaf/Dryad/Treant/Green Seer), I figured I could soul farm with Skeleton/Slime/Valkyrie/Bone Dragon (ripped from someone, I forget who). I don’t typically soul farm until I reach Champion because my soul farming team is a bit frail (almost none above 15, and very little kingdom bonuses for health/armor), but against a level 108 player, I felt confident. The team was Kerberos, I think a Goblin, Summoner at the back, and Hero with a yellow staff that does randomly split damage (I really wasn’t paying attention because I wasn’t worried AT ALL). No buffs, regular stats, this would be a piece of cake.

Not. I didn’t get a single kill. The starting board gave me a skull match (yay!), which then set them up for several extra turns, including mana surges (in no way predictable, by the way). No big deal; I’ll come back. Start powering my Valkyrie, they keep getting lucky droops, eventually get my Skeleton down to 2 health with lucky skull drops. All is not lost; I have a Bone Dragon after all. Unfortunately, right about the time I get the Valkyrie powered up, Kerberos gets powered and devours her. I get my Skeleton powered, Hero uses staff and Skeleton goes down. I have a Slime with maybe 6 mana and a Bone Dragon with only 3. Start trying to power the Slime; Kerberos gets a lucky skull match and with his boosted attack wipes me out. Then he gets lucky and hits my Bone Dragon, putting him down to 5 health before I can get him above 10 mana. I try to get powered up and avoid skull setups, but of course it was in vain and they eventually get lucky extra turns into setting up their own skulls, and down I go.

Give me a break. I’m playing on Hard, so they’re allowed to get stupid lucky, but seriously? From the minute I started playing the luck was completely one-sided, apart from that starting skull match. I never got even one 4/5 match the whole time, and no kills, so I didn’t get any money or souls. Not even a random key. I don’t think I’ve seen a match go so one-sided since I started playing.


That’s the thing when playing with the combo-breaker off. Matches tend to be one-sided pretty quickly, and it all depends on your luck. I know I have ZERO luck with it on, still play in Warlord sometimes but it really feels like the board hates me with a passion. :confused:


I think you asked for it :slightly_smiling: but then I’m a nasty malicious person, could almost be an imp… :smiley:


I expect to lose every once in a while, but I don’t expect it to be so bad I don’t even get a 4 match…


Just lost another for similar reasons, actually. This time, I used Bone Dragon, ended up with several possible 3-skull matches after the initial fallout, so my goal was to figure out the best move to prevent the other guy from having a field day. So I picked the best move. Except what fell in after the gems cleared gave him a bunch of extra turns and 4-skull matches.

That’s possibly the most frustrating thing of all–carefully analyzing the board to make sure you pick the statistically best move, only to have it backfire and hand the AI a boatload of gems/skulls.


I haven’t had that kind of luck on the pvp side but that is the exact reason I quit doing arenas. I sympathize.


I once lost to a level 1 goblin team (they had kingdom skill bonus). The green bandits got really lucky on their drops (I was playing hard at the time) and just destroyed my dragon team.

I had to play on normal for a little while to feel better after that.


We have a winner (loser?). Good grief, how much hair did you pull out??


Thankfully no hair was lost. It was when I created my Mana Drain team that I currently use.


Why, do you deserve a break? You go in with team Z, play half asleep, all the way only hope for pushover win handed over. IMO you just had it coming :wink:


Ha, not quite. The soul farming team isn’t a bad team; I still win 75-90% of matches with it. That’s why I figured a level 108 player (which I almost never randomly pull; another reason I usually don’t use the soul farming team until after I’m Champion) with no particular bonuses seemed like such an easy win.

I only avoid using the team for ranking up because my Forest Faeries has a near 100% win rate when I’m careful, which makes for a more seamless move to Rank 1. Once I get there, losing isn’t as big a deal because the main goal is to farm souls, and you can get those even when you lose. So it’s not like I’m playing with a bad team going into it.