A legit question about a GW match, along with a little constructive criticism

Ok, so we all hate GW, I’m not going to beat that dead horse (ok maybe a little) but I offer one example of a typical fight against a vjm team. I had complete control over the match until one single lucky yellow sky drop comes and I never get another turn.

I understand rng and shit happens, but the fact that a match can go south literally with one lucky drop takes any fun at all out of it.

I invite you all to watch, and please, if there was something I did wrong I want you to tell me. I’m not saying that to be Snide, I’m honestly asking for the sake of not making it again.

For the record, I don’t mind losing, and I understand the lucky drop could easily go my way (I think we can all pretty much agree that the lucky drops tend to punish the player more) but if it literally is just going to come down to a coin flip then why not give us an option to sim a GW match?

Here’s another idea… you get your 5 matches if you lose the first one you still move to the second one. That would at least not make losses quite as punishing. It’s not like the earlier fights are any easier to justify the lower points. This match is a second level match.

Enjoy and critique.



First off, your team isn’t a very good one against mab,
On yellow, I look for mana drain and board control. Simple , your team is close.
This holds off mana way better. Try it and let me know.


Four points:

  • We don’t all agree GW is bad
  • We don’t all agree luck favours the AI
  • Not anywhere in your invade team did I see any counters to the main strengths of your opponent. No defence against freeze or mana drain… Not surprised you lost, once you allowed them to loop.
  • Moving still to the next battle after a loss shouldn’t occur. Why should you still get a chance at the big prize?

Might not of been the perfect team against mab, but that went south in a hurry.

Other than drathus those are fair points. I will try that team next time sant. Thanks to you two for the constructive help.

I get that that was not the best team, but it still goes to the point that even though I had pretty good control of the match one lucky drop costs a loss. I’m not sure if any team could have defended that.

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I’m really tired so am just popping in to say what happened to me in one of my gw battles today…
This game… Gorgo, famine full, banshee half full, gar Nok full. Didn’t cast famine because no troops full enough to drain. Nothing dangerous on the board. Ai makes a three match and proceeds to cascade extra turn and destroy three troops with skull cascades and a desdaemona cast. I cast gar Nok and set up the ai who then kills both troops with skull cascades.


Understood, I realize not everyone hates GW, but I would argue most do. Personally I love the idea of GW I just don’t like the current implementation.

As far as not getting a shot at the “big prize” that would be fine if there was a difference between fight one and fight five, other than a slight stat increase. How about making all five fights 300 points each? Then maybe a slight bonus for how far you get? I’m only shooting ideas here, please, tell me what, if anything, you would change?

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Congrats @Pantenkind - The trolls deem your post worthy of comment and posted contrary viewpoints while completely missing the point of your post. I agree with you that the combo-break or cascade-break is broken completely on console (I play PC) and that any team regardless of how buff would have lost to that type of cascade (which I believe is the point you are trying to make which the trolls ignored).

Have no fear though, the Devs are hard at work on something, not sure what, but am sure its something very important like new costumes for your hero or rebuffing Famine cause not enough people are bitching about him anymore.


Not a GW hater, but not a big fan either (because of how the rewards sucks, not how war is made) here.

As it was already pointed out many times, your team doesn’t counter his, in fact, it’s actually begging to be destroyed by Mab & cie, here’s why :

  • High mana costs without mana burn immunity
  • Primary mana generation source : exploders (wich may leave 4-matchs+)
  • First source of damage : converting to skulls, with a frontlining troop that is not immune to frozen.

With that being said, there do seem to be something extremely wrong here : look at the very first cast from justice. Nothing strikes you?
Every single gem spawned, from either red or blue, spawns close to gems of the same color. Actually, a single one of the 10 gems created were not matched after the spell (because it was close to both blue gems and red gems.

Checking second cast : exact same thing happening with Green / Blue. Only one green gem wasn’t spawned as a direct neighbour of one of the initial green gems (counting diagonals as neighbors), but still, only 2 gems away when there were as few as 8 green gems before the cast, and these were not much scattered around the board.

Third and last cast from Justice kinda confirms that, but then again, she picked blue / brown when there were over 13 gems of each color before the cast, scatterred all around the board, so this one isn’t prroving anything.

I don’t know if this is only a console thing, nor if this is just bad luck (it happened to me once on PC, but that’s one in a thousand battles), but it does seem worth investigating in my opinion.
Fun point : Looking at the video, I noticed the AI isn’t making the same decisions on PS4 / Xbox. At some point, Mab casted her spell instead of taking a 4 skull match. Such a match is very high in PC’s AI order of priority. In fact, console AI seems smarter from here.


Mab is treated like she has an extra turn (even when she doesn’t). So she uses her ability before other things like skull matches or say Famine’s ability (which is chosen before everything else). So when there are few blues, you can capitalize if you’re not frozen.

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Ok, it’s not much smarter then, it just has notions of which spell might be worth using over taking a skull match, but that’s all ^^’

Might be fun to have the AI surprise us with new strategies sometimes. I’m not asking, and wouldn’t want for that matter, a much smarter AI, just a bit more unpredictable one :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Ai is smarter when it comes to spells - I had a match last week where Abynyssia was charged on the ai first turn, yet it waited at least 6 ai turns until I’d killed another troop to cast, filling the vacant spot. This is something I’ve never seen before?


The ai knows what it’s using, between troops that is. I can definitely tell .

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Yep. It’s that intelligence which can be so disheartening some days. Surely everyone at some point in a gw battle has experienced this?

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I preferred the scoring system prior to the flattening out of pts per battle.

As for differentiating between battles, that is a hard thing to do in this game, as really stat buffs are the only option to increase ‘difficulty’ in my opinion.

Losses are relatively rare once a player reaches that point in the game where they have a number of teams built and can deal with most opponents. Having battles score the same, only results in most top guilds scoring the same each and every week. By having the battles imcrease in score means that losses (how few there maybe) actually have an impact.

On another note, freeze Justice and what you saw goes away. Borealis is nice for yellow team.


Very constructive, thank you. And yes, this happens almost every match which is why there are so many threads about it.

As far as the team, I just switched from a tier three guild to a tier one, what worked before is not working now. I completely agree I need to switch up teams, which I am doing. Thank you to those of you who see the issue, regardless of team chosen.

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I agree, except that losses are rare. I’m in the number 2 GW guild on PS4 and losses are common. They were far less common in my tier three guild. Not just me, across the guild.

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  1. Justice is VERY dangerous on the consoles current build at top levels.
  2. Your team is far too slow (all troops have a high Mana cost)
  3. You need a directed damage dealer, &/or Mana drain to target Justice first! (see #1)
  4. Every turn remind yourself about point #1. I’d say there is a ~90% to loose as soon as Justice fills once.

Wow. I almost thought you were lying, so I watched the video. I’ve almost broken my phone over stuff like that… just wow.

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Guild wars was designed so that you’d have a much higher loss % versus normal pvp. Otherwise gw becomes 10 way ties or guild with 30 players wins.