When are you guys going to sort the guild system out?

probably the wrong page to post this but was wondering when you were going to sort the guild system out so we can search for active players without having to type in a specific name? It’s impossible to get new players once your guild gets to a high enough rank/level as you don’t show up in people’s searches.

Good question really.

Not sure what you hope to achieve exactly. Active players who want to be in a guild would most likely already be in a guild, so you can’t invite them anyway.

Players do not want to be without a guild even for a short time, as this means loss of both masteries and rewards. When a player wants to switch guilds, they would most likely search and join a new guild minutes after leaving the previous one, or search the forums for guild recruitment posts while still being in a guild and only leave when they found a new one. For that reason, there is no point in making a system for guilds to search and invite players, only the other way around. The most a guild can do is make itself available either staying open (to join without invite), making recruitment posts in forum, or both.

[quote=“Rosco122, post:1, topic:3410”]
It’s impossible to get new players once your guild gets to a high enough rank/level as you don’t show up in people’s searches.
[/quote]I don’t think this is true. Some top level guilds are open and you can find them when searching for guilds. For example, I believe Light Army (top #11) does this, and it’s working well enough for them.

All guilds are open by default and as the cost to open a guild is so small it means there is way to many guilds on the game already.

When a player searches for a guild they get about 8 random guilds shown which means the chance of yours being on that page are incredibly small.

Just to clarify though I don’t wish to see/invite players that are already in guilds just have a list of available players to invite or some way to recruit. Nearly every game on the App Store with a similar structure to it has a way to see players to invite, be it by showing a random list of 10 or having category’s you can change to narrow the search down.

The forum although being handy is filled with top guilds that all newbies go to meaning the middle of the road guilds (top 300) such as mine struggle to gain any new players. I have been at 9/30 for about 4weeks now, with posting every week to forum and typing in names I fight in pvp (which proves how difficult it is)
I know I’m not the only person who thinks the guild system could be improved, just want a way, be it tiny, to be able to recruit in game.

Agree that some improvement could be made here…

Also feel that the cost / barrier of making a new guild is too low, and there are way too many guilds…

Yeah I agree upping the cost to start a guild would increase the chance of guilds being filled. Doesn’t look like this is high up on there priorities which is a shame as I think it’s the biggest fault along with recruiting to what don’t get me wrong is an enjoyable game