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Guild search system


The guild Search seems completely broken. My brother in the UK joined “Devilwreckers” I cannot find this guild anywhere. Actually the guild search is totally vague. There should at least be a list of Guilds and your friend can say “hmmm not sure why it’s not there as I’m IN IT however this is the guilds rank” Ok sweet so I scroll down and bang there it is Rank (whatever it is) click join.

**search for any guild that someone else may be part of? I have seen guilds then searched for them and nope no guilds found. This is a big problem area for the game. It’s not difficult to out together a search algorithm if you have any programming experience. This is also a problem on Xbox but hey this is Mobile/PC so I won’t carry on about that. **


I’ve never used the search for a guild function but im wondering if the guilds aren’t showing because they are set to invite only? Just a thought, I may be wrong :relieved:


But you sound very right. It would not be sensible for guilds to be listed that you could not click-to-join.