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A guild search that is actually a guild search

Was out of a guild and trying to look for a new guild, but the guild search does not search at all.
All it does is list a random list of teams.

This needs to change to let us actually search for a guild and look up guild stats and requirements before joining.


Yeah, this really needs to change. When I tried using the guild search I was put into three dead guilds in a row. I gave up after that, totally useless. . I opted to go into an xbox club for Gems of War and looked for a new guild that way.


Wow. I’m reviving this topic instead of starting a new one because I was just thinking the same thing and searched to to see if such a topic exists! I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion about this though.

I was hoping there’d be a “Guild Marketplace” or something like that where there’s more information about the guild (beyond just an intro text) before joining.

I’m 4 months new at this game, and received invites out of the blue, but there’s no info.
I’d accidentally ‘joined’ a guild thinking there was a bit more information beyond the initial button I clicked on, and I immediately left.

I’m on PS4, and under the shields of the guild names, there’s plenty of room to put a few bullet points listing requirements/stats of some sort.