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Player unable to join guild

Have a player trying to join our guild Realm of the Undead.
Says he exists LEEDSRISK but invite does not work and he is unable to find guild.
Sent message to support 6 days ago, no reply.
Mariana, GM

There are 3 possible situations here

  1. This person is on a different platform. I’m guessing you’re on PC/Mobile, maybe this person is on Xbox/Playstation. So the databases do not share.

  2. There might be an invisible space somewhere in the name, either before or after, try checking that.

  3. Maybe Leedsrisk is not a unique name. Make sure to ask the person to check his in-game account for the official invite id. It’s possible there’s an LEEDSRISK_1 or LEEDSRISK_2

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Thanks very much for trying to help.
He is on a mobile so would be compatible.
Not sure how to check the name.
He is actively playing but cannot find our guild.

It sends the invite but he doesn’t receive it

Same problem here we tried since weeks, i contact support but it dont works. i could join every guild i want but not this guild

There are two forms for contacting support, I sent using the other form and received confirmation email right away.
First time I did not get an email
If you did not get the email then it’s the wrong form.

Go to Support
Gameplay Support
Send a request
Fill in the form

or, just to be sure:

  • player is currently in a guild
  • inviting guild has no free spots

Thanks for trying to help.
No they are not in a guild and yes we do have spaces.