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"Player already in another guild"


I want to invite a player into our guild but the game keeps saying that he’s already in another guild. The player claims he’s not, he’s quit his guild. Even says he tried joining a random guild and leave it, but it still tells me I can’t invite him, because he’s “already in another guild”.

What can we do?


Wild guess, are you sure you are using the correct invite code? Have you tried inviting directly by clicking the name in chat, e.g. some global channel?

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He claims the invite code is correct.

I didn’t know I can invite him from chat. Can it be done on Xbox?

I’m missing an Xbox to really answer that question. Try clicking on any name within the global chat, is the character screen offering an invitation option?

Yes, it’s got RECRUIT option. We’ll try that… if we actually appear in the same chat. Thanks.

Just tell that player to meet at a given time on a given channel and say hello. If the player status info shows the player to be without guild and direct recruiting still doesn’t work, support will probably have to take a closer look.

STill no luck. The player’s chat is not working. It says GLOBAL CHAT (none)… where my chat has a number, his has (none). There are no messages in the chat window. He can’t open the lower sub-window with channel select / disconnect buttons.

What can cause this?

Have them send you a screenshot of their invite code, to make sure he is relaying it properly.

Did that. We exchanged a bunch of screenshots and videos. His invite code is correct. Somehow though his chat is not working and his invite code is not working.

Has he tried changing chat channels? Maybe he ended up entering some weird number that doesn’t exist. I’m on PC, I have no xbox, so I dunno how it is there, but it’s all I can think about.

Both make sure you are on global (001) and say hi and then you can select him through chat by pressing (square on ps4) whatever button it is. Occasionally you mess chat up by accident and have to manually input the channel.