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Global Chat (none) - what does that mean?

I posted earlier today about a guy who can’t be invited to a guild because he is supposedly in another guild, even if he’s not.

I tried inviting them through chat, but here’s the thing

His global chat instead of a number has “(none)” and the sub-window where you can change the global chat channel doesn’t open.

How is that possible? What can be causing this?

He’s on Xbox One.

Thank you!

Screenshots or it didn’t happen! Do you happen to have his namecode or invite code at the least? What guild? Thanks!

Yes, I’ve seen screenshots with both the chat window and his invite code.

Sorry I wasn’t being clear - can you please attach them to the thread or submit a support ticket so I can see the screenshots and help you. Thanks!


His invite code is ROCKY_14 and the guild I’m trying to invite him into is FRONT 242. I’ll tell him to submit the screenshots himself.

Hello. Here are the screenshots for my issue.



I don’t have the option to switch chats or anything. I used a new account and I saw the global chats, but not for my main account.

One thing it means is that he won’t be subjected to any of the juvenile drivel that pollutes global chat. I’m sure it never used to be that bad.

What happens if you click the green downward triangle at the bottom of the empty chat screen?

Nothing happens

Hi all - I’m having this same issue and cannot figure out how to reactivate my chat/join the main channel/etc. Has there been any resolution to this matter? I’m also on Xbox One. My guild chat works fine, but I have the same Global (none) issue.

Please contact our support here https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us so we can help you further. :slight_smile: