Invite to Guild?

I am confused as to how to invite friends to join my guild from the mobile app? I put in my friends invite code and it says it is invalid. I am also confused about the the channels? Please help. Khaleesi_16

You’ve got to make sure that there aren’t spaces after their invite code, also sometimes their invite code isn’t the players name.

Also make sure they are not playing on either of the consoles.

The channels are just other ways to communicate with others not in your guild. I’ve tried many and have yet to find 1 that others chat on. If you want to suggest a channel number, I’m sure our guild would join it for conversations and help if you want.

So if they are playing on and xbox and their phone I can’t invite them?

They have 2 have 2 separate accounts and invite codes. The consoles and phones/pc’s aren’t on the same game.

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