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No guild tab at all

Made new account and there is no guild tab. Didn’t know there is some requirement to unlock it?

The account is lvl 10 now. I can’t join guild I was invited too :\

Mike, I’m sure I had our guild level set to 100 minimum rank, that’s maybe why your other account can’t join. I’ll ask my sentinel friends to change it for you as I’m at work tonight.

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I don’t know. There was no mail.

There is just no guild tab at all. No icon. Is this normal? @Sirrian, it seems people are often asking you stuff, maybe you could quickly clarify this?

I don’t remember guild tab having any requirements to unlock - if so, what are they? Or maybe it is a bug or something?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Well, I dont’ think this is normal, so I’ve sent a ticket to support.

If you haven’t already, please send us a screenshot. We can take that to our console tech guys and ask them about it.

(Sorry we haven’t replied earlier)

Oh, no worries, @Nimhain :slight_smile: I’ve sent you guys a ticket via ‘support’, although without a screenshot. I can send it when I get back home in 2-3 hours, no problem.

But the case is really simple - there is no guild button.

I knew there was some silly thing going on here. The game ‘censored’ the guild icon and tab because the PSN sub-account was set to prevent contact with other users.

Guess I’ve learned something new about PSN. Sorry for the trouble.

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