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What am I missing here? A question on guild slots and ranks

After a little time searching I decided to grab a Popsicle and ask since I can’t find my answer.

My question is why are there only 20 players in the roster and in Guild Management>Ranks lists when it says Members 30/30? Please explain also why there is so much allotment for Captains and Privates if the Guilds only support 20-30 players?

The more info the better and I’m sorry if it’s an obvious answer. I often overlook the easy ones so if you can be super helpful thanks.

Pretty sure that is just a glitch with the rank table after the 2.1 patch.

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If he is actually on console then he doesn’t have 2.1

If you ve gone from 20 to 30 in one time then I dont know. But if this prob accumulated over days/weeks then it’s ghost members, I had 3 times this prob. Sometimes a player join and then leave but he still count in roster. Only option is to contact customer support.

Thanks, I’m not sure when it happened, or if all at once. I’m not the leader but I posted to contact support to my leader in guild chat. The leader doesn’t speak english but does regularly (weekly or every other day) boot a couple members at a time for leeching. So as I’ve been in it there has always been players coming in and out but I wasn’t counting I was trusting the numbers out of 30 count. If nothing happens or no word by the next update from the guild I will leave it, besides my numbers are hardcore and no one else comes close except for the leader with trophies. Thanks for your inputs ^^^

Contact support and ask them to clean out ghost members. Your guild master probably doesn’t know you can do that.

I went ahead and made a support ticket at 505 games. Support there took care of it right away and my guild has the 10 free slots for new players available. Be sure to include your own player invite code if your guild has ghosts, support asked me for this info. Great support. Thanks again peoples.