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No new members joining guilds?

So, I created my guild 220 days ago. At first, it was just me and 1 other person and we didn’t really care/mind if random people joined or not.

After a good week or 3, the guild was actually full of people.
Then, of course, people left or stopped playing and new people joined the guild pretty quickly.

Then summer vacation hit, a lot more people went inactive and no one new joined.
I figured it was due to summer vacation, but its already October and I have 9 free slots in my guild, recruitment level set to 10 and no people seem to join anymore on their own.

My guild is around rank 400 atm.

Is this a global trend or just something that happens because i’m around rank 400?
Should I kick all the people that don’t play anymore to drop in ranks?


Do you have reqs? I didn’t catch any. If not. I would make some at this point. Then the people who’ve joined can know exactly what is expected of them.

Also this gives me the comfort of not feeling like an A -hole for just booting a bunch of people who joined with no reqs. But are now getting the boot because I want the guild to grow more active dedicated players.

I would also make a guild recruitment thread with the new reqs etc.

Or I would just abandon that guild and go to one that meets my standards.


I assume you want to rise in ranks with your guild?

If so, I’d suggest that you take a moment to figure out exactly what level you want to play at. Do you want a casual guild with GW optional and a little seal activity? Or, do you want a guild that seriously competes in GW and finishes all basic tasks? Or, some other combination?

Once you figure out what you envision for your guild, talk to your current members and see where they are with changes.

Ultimately, if you want to climb ranks, you’ll need to get organized and do actual recruitment. You can’t rely on random people clicking the join button if you want to get quality, active members.

It helps to create a recruitment thread on the forum. In that thread, spell out what you expect from someone joining. Describe the atmosphere of your guild and the kind of player that you are looking for. List your guild statistics so the recruit knows what they are getting from the guild.

I’d highly recommend that even if you want to stay super casual that you set at least a tiny minimum like 500 seals so that you can keep active people that contribute. Nothing drags a guild down faster than “perceived” slackers.

If you do set some minimums, make sure everyone knows and understands them. Then, kick people that don’t do them (unless they communicate with you about the why of course). A quick way to lose good members is letting them see you not kick people that are not pulling their weight.