What's your kingdom star level?

Sorry, feel like bragging.
16 7*, everything else at least 5 *
That includes glacial and leonis, mythic fully traited x8 gives 5* :slight_smile:

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27 silver stars

One day I’ll get my first gold star, one day.

That’s when I’ll be a real boy.


You’re not a real boy? I knew it… You’re a bot!!!

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18 kingdoms at 7 stars, the rest all 5 star+ :smile:

12 with a silver star. two with 2 gold star and the rest have one gold star. I noticed a nice increase in tribute with just this much. I’m really looking forward to getting more gold stars.

Everything at 5 stars or higher with the exception of the most recent 2 kingdoms which are at 4 stars.

All my kingdoms are at 7 stars, except Dragons Claw (6 stars), Blackhawk (5 stars) and Silverglade (4 stars)…