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Impressive Kingdom star level

Just fought a level 1000 member of Anonymous, ‘ozornoi veterok’
In game I realised his troops weren’t going down as fast as the usual, it was only after the battle that I checked the stats on some of his defence team.
That’s (in the very least) 20 Kingdoms at 5-Stars…
I’m impressed to say the least.
Feel free to boast about your own Kingdom Star levels :wink:

Is that really considered high compared to other level 1000s in top guilds?

I’m level 513, with 16 kingdoms at 5 stars. With the next 2 events I’ll supposedly get 4 more kingdoms to 5 stars, for a total of 20.

Well that’s what I’d like to see for my own curiosity. Before today I thought it would be close to impossible to have such a number like that, I was actually impressed. I’d really like to know who can top it, where are the usual suspects??

@yonizaf, That’s still pretty high imo. I’m sitting on 18 PL 5’s.

According to the cards (no kingdom bonuses applied) dhjl has all PL 5 kingdoms.
My Gorgotha…

dhjl’s Gorgotha…

I’m level 566 and have 8 kingdoms up to 5 star. Any with more than 8 troops is easier to do:

Ghulvania - 10 *
Mists of Scale - 10 *
Khetar - 10 *

Broken Spire - 9
Drifting Sands - 9 *
Karakoth - 9 *
Khaziel - 9
Maugrim Woods - 9 *
Pan’s Vale - 9
Pridelands - 9
Sword’s Edge - 9
Whitehelm - 9
Zaejin - 9
Zhul-Kari - 9 *

Darkstone - 8 *

I’m only missing five kingdoms. Blighted Lands (7), Divinion Fields (8), Grosh’Nak (8), Adana (8), Glacial Peaks (8*).

(*: seriously Commons I hate you)

Worth noting I had Ghulvania and Khetar at 5* while they were at 8 troops. And a few of the others before they got to 9.

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I am realtively new to the top tier guilds so while I have all my kingdoms at 3-stars I only 16 at five…although if I wasn’t hoarding arcanes for potential mythic troops I would have a few more…for me though getting useless troops traited for one point of armor isn’t worth it compared to saving my stones for a card I would actually use such as plague

That’s been my dilemma also. I went the opposite way as you but I’m quite sure that Plague will require these stones that I have been using of late. It always seems to work out that way for me.

Im only missing 3 5 star kingdoms two of wich are very close and the third being blighted lands wich doesnt have its 8th troop…yet!:sunglasses:

Plague will require 21 Arcane Swamps and 21 Arcane Venoms.


Tyvm @Lyya. I really appreciate that.

Dammit. Was hoping it wasn’t that one.

I have 20 5-star kingdoms. Only missing Glacial Peaks (only have 43 Snow Sprites) and Adana (damn minor red traitstones!).

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@RiverSong aren’t you also missing blighted lands ?
And yes those darn minor reds…
I need 9999999 lol

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I’m up to 16 five-star kingdoms (and 38 troops left to fully trait).

@DEMONorANGEL, you are correct. I forgot about Blighted Lands because everything that can be done there has been done.:wink:

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I’ve got about 6 five-star kingdoms, I could fairly easily up that to 10, but I don’t need to give Bone Dragon any more power to work with. So I’ll be avoiding Armor kingdoms until they become unavoidable.

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