What's your fastest team for invasion?


A team fast and powerfull whit webspinner:

Enjoy :smile:


Behemoth, Valkyrie, Webspinner, Venoxia.

Easy Invade/ Soul Generation Team. Also not bad on defense.


This is my team. Once it starts going, you just win, and fast. Lots of explosions, and free turn attacks.



A team fast and powerfull whit Sylvasi:

Enjoy :smile:


Rocking a new invasion team this week. Worked out really well.

  1. Gloom Leaf
  2. Summer Imp
  3. Goblin Shaman
  4. Webspinner

Home & Banner: Forest of Thorns


I’m using: Berserker, Herdmaster, Emperina and Brian
Home: Grosh-Nak
Banner: Stormheim

Okay, this is not really a fast team, but the longer the match goes the higher the stats of berserker.

Sometime I finish the entire team within one cascade. No troop survives a 30 damage hit.


Hero (Withering Touch)

Home: Whitehelm (for +2 to yellow)

At first load Gorgotha, then start exploding until Orion is ready. Then shoot+place Hunter’s Mark, then use Carnex for double damage.

Hero is used as a mana drainer


I have been having a lot of success with the following:

Hero (war and peace)

Home kingdom: Whitehelm
Banner: Currently Divinion Fields but I might try others

It’s super fast, and I can usually avoid troop loss - even with the only buff adding to attack. And occasionally, I can win before the enemy even gets a single hit on one of my troops. Flawless victory! (There should be a bonus for doing that… :wink: )

I have gone back and played around with other teams occasionally, usually when we get a new weapon that I want to try, or to farm souls or something, but it always seems so much slower! Being able to take out the entire other team in only a few spells plus maybe some skull matches is awesome. It’s especially satisfying to get three or four of them at once!


My current invasion team is as follows:

Home Kingdom: Stormheim
Banner: Giant’s Banner (Stormheim)
Hero (Eye of Xathenos)
Frost Giant

Between Valkyrie and kingdom bonus the Hero and Frost giant charge very rapidly. I lead with the giant and follow up with the Eye, pretty much letting the giant choose the targets. Slop mana charges up swamplash who I use to keep the first troop wounded and entangled (just in case I need to skip skulls for mana matches). With the eye doing a base 10+steal and swamplash doing base 10 I can pretty much crush any of the annoying troops like webspinner, sheggra, or rock worm before they get to activate. After that I can fall back on the plan of swamplash at first position, and eye follows the giant.



My current invasion team:

Home Kingdom: Divinion Fields
Banner: Same

Shadow Dragon
Crimson Bat

Fill Gorgotha to fill the rest of the team. Gloomleaf destroys with skulls; and it doesn’t matter how much armor the other team has when you’re hitting hard on true damage. I haven’t lost in ages.

Level 1000 Matches

Just curious, why use a banner that has no affect on your troops?


Maybe I misunderstood what the tip meant by “home kingdom”. Do you have an alternative suggestion?


Personally, I would use the Woodland Banner (Forest of Thorns) to give Gloomleaf +1 attack.


Thanks for the suggestion. That’s what I decided to switch to while I was waiting for your reply. And thanks for setting me straight about “home kingdom”. I thought it meant your chosen home kingdom.


Green Seer
Keeper of souls

It’s fast and not boring, cause you really need to think which color to transform.


Would love to hear how your favorite fast teams have shuffled with the new bonuses for troop type, kingdom, etc.


This thread has lots of recent posts on a similar topic: Share your gems of war teams v1.08 & before



This sounds like a thread where people share their broken stuff.


It’s not broken, it’s teams that follow the rules of the game. Broken teams far nerfed pretty quickly around here these days.


Shadow Dragon* or Venbarak**

Abyssal Banner