What's your blazing fast invade/farm team?

I have seen a thread like this but there’s a bunch of teams that use PC cards that I don’t have yet, So what are your fastest teams?

Mine “in certain situations” is
Bombot X3

i may be mistaken but did you try traited mechanist class (perhaps golden cog with it) instead of gorgotha?


No, but I will, thanx…I just use gorgotha because he’s a massive tank with the ability to fill everyone’s mana pretty quickly

Valkyrie / Rowanne / Rowanne / Mercy.


Strictly for normal difficulty explore, I had been experimenting with:
War and peace ***(Archer class)
Soothsayer ***
Acolyte ***
Marid ***
Khaziel banner

You start with half mana on W&P due to traits, then with 3x stone link and double brown banner, you get 8 brown mana from a 3 match, so all you need to do is collect any brown match and fire-off W&P. If you happen to start with a brown 4-match available, you can ideally get a team wipe on your first turn. In explore, that isn’t always quite enough to kill off everyone, so the other troops are there to provide a little boost (empowered soothsayer can collect extra mana or even pick off a couple skulls if you only need to do 1-3 damage for a final kill, acolyte covers other colours and generates brown, Marid can do damage, but is hard to fill in this lineup). If all goes well though, it gives you a first turn team wipe. Again, this is strictly for low level explore.

My fastest all-purpose team is probably:
Celestasia ***
Sylvanimora ***
The Dragon Soul ***
Emperina ***
Abyssal banner

Power up TDS and start spamming. Massive AOE damage and max souls every battle. Any 4-match you can pick up along the way entangles the opponents first troop and gives Celestasia barrier. Emperina is there in case things go bad and you need to cleanse a freeze or heal a damaged troop. I’ve experimented with dropping a troop with necromancy in the 4th slot, but it diminishes TDS damage and doesn’t seem to be worth the risk for me.


I like that first lineup but I don’t have Marid traited so he doesn’t have Stone Link.

Autumnal Imp however, does have Stone Link and his spell does AOE damage, to help with cleanup after W&P.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

EDIT: oops, didn’t realize I was replying to a console thread

For explore, I’ve been running Elspeth/Bombot/Bombot/Mechanist+Mountain Crusher (any monobrown weapon will do). Blow up hero with Elspeth, fill bombots, win. Wins in first two turns probably 90% of the time; turn one 50% of the time on normal difficulty. I’ve recently started to use it in PVP against low-hp teams as well. Can fail spectacularly if Elspeth whiffs completely, though.

My fastest PVP team is Ysabelle/TDS/Gard/Mercy (though I wish Mercy were more reliable). I recently switched out Ysabelle for Krystenax for more AOE, but at a slight cost in speed.

I saw that lineup presented by @jmjeong, but we don’t have Silverglade on console yet, so it isn’t usable for the OP’s question. I’ve got his video bookmarked and am working on getting the arcanes for Mechanist so I can try it myself once we get Elspeth.

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Yeah I completely missed that I was posting in a console thread. Lol.

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I don’t invest anything in imps (since they don’t advance my kingdoms) so I hadn’t given him any serious thought when I was tweaking Tacet’s W&P, 3x Soothsayer lineup. Stone link would cost 12 Arcane Deep’s on Autumnal imp, so I’m not likely to invest that until I’ve exhausted every other possible use for them.

The Tacet lineup I was starting with was published before explore was released, so he didn’t have to worry about the randomness of explore lineups - he could just pick the easiest challenge in a kingdom and grind it over and over again. Any stone link troop is fine there, but the odd time that I happen to both spill enough Brown to fill everyone and wind up with a legendary or mythic troop on the other side, Marid is better than any other alternative I could have there.

And if you do tell me how it works, tell @Dan_ozzzy189, too.

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Bombot***(traits optional)
Rowanne(no traits)
Mechanist***(Prismatic Orb)
Abyssal Banner

On the PC/Mobile side, don’t use it on event boosted troops and anything where you have to two-cycle an orb-boosted Rowanne probably isn’t worth it. Carnex fills in a purple surge, bombot in a brown surge, or two matches for either of them. Even with just 3-4 skulls on the board in a decent position, Carnex can fill Prismatic Orb, cause secondary cascade matches, or fill bombot, and likewise, Bombot causing a secondary cascade will frequently fill Carnex or Orb. Use the Orb on Rowanne, take a mana match to fill her if you need, and cast her to team wipe. If Rowanne fills early, you can throw her out first - sometimes you can get away with not using Bombot at all if you get a skull cascade and just use Rowanne twice because Carnex does massive skull damage. You can use a Golden Cog on the hero as well, but this is the configuration I find the most consistent and fast.

For explores, I still prefer:
Deep Borer***
Flame Cannon***
Bombot*** (traits optional, actually slow this team down slightly)
Mechanist***/Imperial Jewel

Kraken’s Banner. If you have enough armor, any brown match and blowing up bombots ends the match there. Otherwise, something else will be within one match of filling or full, cast that and win. If you cant get browns, any blue fills borer (or a red surge), and a yellow surge fills Flame Cannon (but you should look to trying to move the board so you can get a red/blue/brown next turn if you can).

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This plowed it’s way to #1 on PS4 last week. So many ways to get Gard powered up.

It did’t really work at all. Got bogged down after casting W&P. I’m trying out a new lineup now:

Elven Bard

Honestly I’m just not finding anything that compete with Green Seer / Giant Spider / Kraken / Kraken. It doesn’t take many match-4/5’s for 2 Krakens to wipe out a team on normal. In fact, if the board sets up right, you don’t even have to cast a spell.

Just got the arcanes to trait Kraken yesterday, and haven’t really played with him yet. That might be a good option.

I often just use my Dragon Soul team when exploring. Usually less than a minute with decent souls. That War and Peace team is good when it works, but does bog down sometimes. It’s still fast, but if it isn’t significantly faster than something that also generates souls, why bother?

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I’m past the point of needing souls, so for me it’s all about speed for stones.

I find the 2 x Kraken team to be just a tad faster than the 2 x Rowanne team but not by much. The 2 x Rowanne team is also fairly straightforward for the beginner, as you really only need to trait Mercy to get it maxed out.

Explore team:

War and Peace (Mechanist)

Brown banner

Really fast wipes up to warlord 3. Mythics get too beefy on 4 for it to be fast.

Mechanist class
Deep borer
Black manacles
Double brown banner

Match 3 browns and game over

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Doesn’t it take a while to get to Black Manacles, though?

Magic / Earth Mastery of 40? Is that a combined 40, or 40 each?