What's your blazing fast invade/farm team?

I think you need 40 mastery in brown and purple for it. If that isn’t totally accurate, it’s very close.

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For explore Clark and Mako have come up with this one which i think is the most reliable:

Blast cannon
Hero Prismatic Orb (mechanist)
Double brown banner

One brown match and a bombot wins most games in normal mode. if there are no brown, prismatic orb can create them. If anyone survives, blast cannon finishes them. And Carnex can do damage, generate mana and change the board if all else fails.

Works more often than double bombot (thanks to the life drain bug)

You don’t need it, or the second bombot,but most people put 4 troops in their teams! :blush::blush::blush:

gonna try that one in a few hours , @Dan_ozzzy189

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Two Bombots = clear on higher difficulty just as easily

Yea, I occasionally do warlord 1 because you get a bit more xp and gold

you need 40 mastery of each, the base mastery gained from account level

For explore I use:
Deep Borer***
Spirit Fox***
Double brown banner.

For invade I use:
Great Maw***
Infernal King***
Double yellow banner.

Both work really well… :smiley:

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A question about Bombot explore teams that I haven’t been able to find an answer to:

How dependent is it to having extra magic from 5-star kingdoms and guild bonuses? I started playing recently and currently have the 5 magic kingdoms maxed, but am a REALLY long ways away from 5-starring them and getting guild bonuses. Would a Bombot team work decently with just the +5, or is it one of those things where having +10 makes or breaks it?

Most explore troops outside of a few epics, legendaries and mythics that get thrown in have 33 or less combined life/armor on normal. This is about the lowest total damage I’d attempt for a single bombot team - about 46 armor with 20 magic. For the double bombot teams without other reliable damage sources, they can be done with even less bonuses, say, about 1/2 to 2/3 of that, you mainly have to watch out for life drain trait blocking your kills. However, I tend to find double bombot to be only marginally faster than other configurations that also get you souls (and also prone to blowing up in your face, so to speak, about 10% of the time due to bad boards, empowered things targeting them, or that one double-boosted legendary randomly appearing in the roster, costing you time overall).

So I have been messing with a team that I win in explore pretty quick and it WRECKS in PVP
Queen Ysabelle
Gard’s Avatar
drifting sands banner


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Try replacing Queen with Apothecary.

gard the mythic something

Gard fires off twice, you win. Usually.

Queen Mab
Gard’s Avatar

Kraken ***
Kraken ***
Kraken ***

This seems counter intuitive since Valkyrie does not fuel Kraken. However, you have to try it to experience it.

This build is very fast. You will even win many matches on the first term if you get lucky and have a few match 4’s on the opening turn. Perhaps the only thing that is faster is a Bombot build.

Also there is an advantage in that you can get some extra souls by firing off Valk.

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Worth a try but nothing to fill the Kraken, but I’ve been wondering about a triple kraken team.

Why Valkyrie instead of Giant Spider, since the latter could also fill Kraken? Souls, maybe - but otherwise I’m not sure I get it.

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I think it’s because a board of predominantly blue allows Kraken to cause 4+ matches with his cast. But I’m also not sure how you’d ever fill them all to keep the chain going after they run dry.

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Why Humility 2nd? Do you not have him traited yet?

So you cast humility and honour off each other, brown yellow, humility second because honour has stoneskin and is tanky. Mab freezes. Get gard’s up to 200 or whatever by looping both guardians then one shot the whole team. One of the quimby guys told me this, it’s a good gard’s team.