What is your Best invade teams?

So I Use, Gorgotha,Death,Plague and Famine with the Brown/Yellow banner…It works GREAT But I am looking for faster teams…What do you guys have?

Deathknight hero (purple weapon)

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Krys/Krys/TDS/Sylv. Really fast and has some soul farming. Also, the first 3 troops are strong enough that you can sub in pretty much anything for Sylv (like Sir Gwayne) for events.


Princess Elspeth
DK Crypt Keeper

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Troglodyte isn’t in the PS4 version.

I have heard some hype about this team, is it really as good as people say?

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Yup! Absolutely. OK you’ll have to retreat a few times but it’s really effective.

how’s it set up/ played if you don’t mind my asking.

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i don’t play on ps4 or xbox… but want to share with you:
my best team is X-mercy-infernal king-sheggra
X is what you want… the weekly troop with a good attack… a troop you need to earn some rewards when events requires to use a special troop… what you want
i love this compo because i change each week the first troop and it always work

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Elspeth hero, enemies all death marked and hopefully sacrifice filled. Sacrifice summoned knight fodder. That gives kry dragon plus 30 magic.

Gorgatha, Korvash, The Dragon Soul, Kraken

Gorgatha or Dragon Soul fills up everyone and Korvash reigns terror on the top two troops and Kraken reigns terror on the bottom two troops with a devour chance and also fills Korvash back up

The Dragon Soul is interchangeable if need be. In guild wars I have been changing it out for red troop with a matching daily color

I love this but am always open to suggestions.

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Krystenax and Dragon Soul(best dynamic Duo in the game!) plus whatever 2 Dragons you want to fill the team up with.
I use Shadow Dragon(mostly for being a Dragon, and his magic link and onviously for looking just awesome) and Elemaugrim to disregard skulls, and an extra source of AoE damage, not that it is needed.
Extremely safe, no reason to ever retreat, disregard skulls mostly, rng devours won’t severly hinder this team.
It is quite fast and really simple as you can mostly disregard board constellations between exploding the board with Dragon Soul and collapsing it with Krys, and it produces souls if you are in need of those.

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Khorvash, Keeper of Souls, Valkyrie, Apothecary

Great balance between speed, souls and gold plus with 3 transformers you can often loop endlessly. You can win the fight on the first turn if you get a good first drop of gems. Replace Khorvash with whatever you prefer or with the weekly events.

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