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What's your fastest team for invasion?

My team is:
Hero (Sun and Moon) + Ragnagord + Hobgoblin + Behemoth.
Kingdom: Khaziel (Brown +2)
Banner: Divinion Fields (ATTACK +1)

DISCUSS! :smiley:


Web Spinner
Web Spinner
Green Seer

+2 purple or yellow
Zhul’Kari banner


My fastest team is:
Hero- weapon of madness
Dwarf Lord
Frost Giant
Banner of scales- Add one attack to all mist of scale troops.
Kingdom- Ghulvania red+ purple mana


I have now switched to:

Hero (Deepstone)
Goblin Shaman
Boar Rider
Goblin Rocket

Banner: Zaejin
Kingdom: Zaejin or Zul’kari (haven’t yet decided which color combo is better, but I mostly use Zaejin as home since that’s my higher level kingdom).

This can very quickly become a round-robin where the abilities keep reloading each other with mana multiple times before you have to pass back control to the other team. It’s incredibly rare for me to lose even one guy when using this team, it kills fast.


Carnex + Hero (Sheggra’s Heart) + Goblin Rocket + Hobgoblin


Carnex + Gorgotha + Hobgoblin + Hobgoblin

The first is very efficient and very good at getting repeated loops of casts.

The second is very fast - the enemy gets more turns - but you just outpace them.

Note for both, as the patch to exploders’ mana generation is now active, I am seeing this being slightly less effective,… but still very effective!


er… why do you use the Mist Of Scales banner when no troop is from that kingdom?

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Using Banners that match your troops its to mainstream.

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My most successful invasion team:

Flame Cannon
Hero (War & Peace)

Home: Forest of Thorns
Banner: Mist of Scales

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My daughter picked that banner, so I’m leaving it for now.:blush::blush:


I think you’re holding the record for ‘most cute Gems of War stories’ currently chacharoon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hero with Sun and Moon Weapon
Alchemist (for fueling my all yellow team)
Celestia (for keeping everyone alive and generating more yellow)
Summer Imp (does good damage at the end if needed but mostly good for a pure yellow target for Celestia)
Home Town of Whitehelm for yellow bonus.

Strategy is to get the Alchemist lit up and get 4 of a kind in yellows then cast Hero each time I can unless somebody needs healing or I need to fill up the board with more Yellow. I will often let the other team hit me with skulls to get my yellow mana parade going.

If an enemy is below 3 health that’s when you try to kill it with the Summer Goblin spell to pump it’s spell up.

The Summer imp can be switched out quite successfully with Centaur Scout who also is all Yellow mana and who will help to generate brown or red mana to refill the Alchemist.


Hi! I lucked out and found a really powerful combo. Back when Goblin Rocket was available I chanced it and bought two thinking I’d try and abuse the low mana cost, turn cycle ability. It worked…

Below is my invasion farming team. It doesn’t yeild extra souls, but you can cleanup ANYONE and quickly, I’m currently undefeated. Seriously…


This boosts the weak Goblin Rockets to a much healthier level. They can take a good heavy hit and still be alive now.


This kingdom yeilds a fat +2 mana bonus for Red Gems. It’s critical to getting our Alchemist full in 2 gem matches. It also serves as a great backup for if you have no quads to turn Yellow with Alchemist.



Blue and Purple.
This is your top slot and serves as a nice tank to keep those squishy Alchemist and Goblin Rockets alive and slaughtering. Don’t use this unless your finishing off something. We want to keep an infinite turn going with the other three. This would pass that turn back. So only if you have to.

My examples of good times to use this -

  • Opponent has a 10 hp or less card that needs finished.
  • You have no moves that are advantageous. Use this to weaken something really dangerous.


Red and Brown
The keystone to our combo. Utilizing the PRIDELANDS +2 bonus, he can fill up in just two red breaks or a combo of one red and two brown. He starts our chain. Make sure you use him on colors bordering yellows to give you the turn back.

Avoid turning red. It’s to important.


Red and Yellow.
Omg these things are so OP… They do tons of damage and give the turn back. You can fill them both up super easy with Alchemist.

Since their exploding a gem, you can try and blow up as many red and brown gems as you can. It will help fill back Alchmenist and start the combo over again. With some practice, you can chai an infinite rocket and Alchemist Combo! I’ve gone many games without giving. The opponent a second turn…


See above.

Now the key is to always look for quads of potential yellows to use with the Alchmenist and NOT blow them up. Save them for starting the whole thing over.

If anyone tries this combination. Please let me know. I would love to hear people, enjoying it!

Hope this helps people. Good luck and have fun!


I got to say that I’m starting to think I should have bought a 2nd goblin rocket when I had the chance. They ARE crazy good, aren’t they?

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Kingdom : Divinion Field
Banner : Anything will do

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I change my invading line-up very regularly (like, every two weeks or so) otherwise I get bored easily, but my current invading team is:

  • Kingdom: Zaejin
  • Banner: Maugrim Woods
  • Troops: Abhorat / Gorgotha / Druid / Hero with Anvil of Might

Next week, I’ll probably have a line-up with Mang though. Looks like a fun weapon. ^^

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My fastest team:

Hero + Bullroarer
Shadow Hunter

Banner: Pridelands
Kingdom: Adana

Play only red or yellow for the valkyrie (Kingdom red+yellow) then make combo when use it
Protect valkyrie with bullroarer if needed

Shoot with Shadow hunter first and finish the oponent whit Behemot

Behemot can be use when you need some mana

enjoy :smile:

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so i have some line-ups
primary - gloomleaf - moloch - keeper of the souls - hero (blue mana weapon - i use deepstone right now) - capital adana usually, but other might work as well
2 - hero (deepstone) - alchemist - rocket goblin - rocket goblin - capital - pridelands
3 - hero (bullroarer) - saphira - wight - alastir - capital usually whitehelm, but stormheim or pride lands might work as well
4 - hero (withering touch) - ice witch - sylvasi - goblin shaman - capital - whitehelm/karakoth/khaziel for +2 mana depends on what you will use (ice witch spam or goblin spam)
5 - hero (bullroarer) - behemoth - valkyrie - atlanta - capital whitehelm ( buffs both valkyrie and atlanta)
6 - moloch - hero (deepstone or any other blue weapon) - barbearius - goblin shaman - capital adana usually
7 - hero - whitening touch - jarl firemantle - evelllyn - beanshee - capital - orc city/khaziel/pridelands
8 - alastair - ice witch - venoxia - ragnagord - capital ???
9 - black beast - moloch - summoner or dok - war sphinx (would like to use green seer in this line up but i don’t have it :’( )
Some of them are made purely for fun so have fun with them too :slight_smile:

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For speed (and soul farming as a bonus)

  1. Druid
  2. Alchemist
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Druid
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A team fast and powerfull whit webspinner:

Enjoy :smile:

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Behemoth, Valkyrie, Webspinner, Venoxia.

Easy Invade/ Soul Generation Team. Also not bad on defense.

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