What's the most challenging team you have facing during invasion?

As per the topic line, I’d love to hear some good war stories! :slight_smile:

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  1. Webspinner + Webspinner + Goblin Shaman + Hobgoblin
    OR: Webspinner *2 + Green Seer/Goblin Shaman/Hobgoblin

  2. The Silent One + Ragnagord + Webspinner + Hobgoblin/Webspinner

These teams are the best defending team ever in current version game!


Back in my time when The Silent one and Sheggra were completly broken, I just got completly rekt by a Hero, Gorgotha, The Silent One and Sheggra combo. Which even know can be really overwhelming. I couldnt stood a chance. #CryEverytime. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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When I last played I faced Brian, Crimson Bat, Gorgotha and Webspinner. Unfortunately Brian used his ability once before I took him out and raised Crimson Bat’s health, who then starting leeching my troops’ life points.

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