Webspinner/Venoxia Killer teams


Thought we might want to have a thread for known good teams for killing these combos. I’ll start us off with my Goblin team. Generally fast enough to kill them off before looping happens, especially with the balance change. The Goblin King provides a good back up for when they do get a shot off - just remove all their green! I generally charge goblin king and then don’t cast until either the front troop has been killed or the board is full of green.

Any other good combos out there?


How do we figure out all the bonuses? I ran into this team 2 WebSpinners, 2 Venoxia Both with life of 26, attack of 15 and armor of 8. They has +10 life and +5 attack. Awful tough stuff.


Yeah, I hit a three Venoxia one Celestia lineup that had 40 (!!) attack for the venoxias didn’t think to get a picture into there was only one left.