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Video: BEST Self Looping Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over all the troops that can loop their own mana as well as some of the best builds with them for early, mid, and late game.



You spin me right round baby like a record.

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Very nice.

Perhaps continuation to this topic, could be teams that consist of gem transformers, for example Naga Queen / Alchemist / Valkyrie / Terraxis.

Why was 2x serpent, 2x valkyrie not on the list?

Serpent / Serpent / Valk / Valk doesn’t really do any serious damage, so I would use it to actually kill anything :slight_smile:

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Nice video, I’m glad you played it out with the Webspinner team. It was a very close battle that shows Webspinner still a decent troop.


Can be quite devastating

@Tacet I didnt understand why you skipped Queen Mab teams, the devoted cleanses the whole team, other than that… nice video. I’d suggest a team I use quite a lot for pvp that loops pretty well and isnt as random as 2xDevoted/Rowanne/Orb:

Queen Mab***
Naga Queen***

No brown coverage, but that’s what Naga Queen takes care of. Was more powerful before they changed Impervious obviously, but still a decently looping team. Give it a try.

This video was dedicated to SELF looping teams, not looping teams in general. I did forget to add Jarl and Venoxia, but this video was only including teams with troops that create their own color consistently, not troops that loop between eachother. I’m waiting until we get the brown convert troop before doing a video on that.

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Make sure you document my favorite looper, Templar / Valk / Mercy / Paladin.

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