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What's your speed explore strategy?

I’ve had a busy week, but that meant I wasn’t pecking at GoW randomly during the day and I find myself behind a bit on seals. Even when I’m playing a lot, I don’t tend to hit 2k.

I’ve tried a Scorpius team on low-level explore, it doesn’t seem as fast as I remember the old Sunbird blasters being. But it’s been a long time since I used those and I’m curious if they’re still “the best”. So what’s the latest tech in speed explore if I only give a snot about wins/hour instead of which medals or other rewards I’m getting?


My recommendation would be

Mountain Crusher (whatever class you are leveling)
Maraji Queen***

Any banner that gives two of +blue, +green, or +brown, and has -red, -yellow, or -purple. Use 3x Medals of Gaard.

Cast Leprechaun once to fill Rowanne hopefully (since it only takes 6 mana with TMQ present). Rowanne should OHKO pretty much any team composition at difficulty 2, especially with a 24-armor boost thanks to the medals.

Edit: yup. This team annihilates difficulty 2.


I use a Rowanne team (Death Knell, Rowanne, Leprechaun, Maraji Queen) with Medal of Gaard x3 and grind Explore 3. I max out my seals on Monday while half watching Salt’y stream.

I use Reflection of Good, Phoenicia, The Maraji Queen***, Leprechaun*** with Sunspear class and Dragon banner. Any class with Firestorm talent will work too. Depending on your magic stat, it can one-shot the whole enemy team as high as level 5 in Explore. If you have 3 Nysha medals, equip them. Otherwise use whatever Nysha medals you have and fill in the blanks with Cedric or Aranaea medals. This setup is great for fast trophies too, if your guild has a trophy requirement.

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Glaycion, Leprechaun, Doomed Crossbow, Zuul’Goth. Any class you want to level.

Mine is still Elspeth Rowanne Maraji Hero/any-green-weapon. All-Seeing-Eye banner, any class.

I only play Level 2 and Level 12 on Explore.

For Level 2 it’s:

Princess Elspeth

Eagle Banner (Brown ++ Yellow + Purple - )

Elspeth zaps Troglodyte which, 95% of the time gives enough Brown to charge the first Bombot, BOOM, next game.

The other Bombot is just a backup in case something really goes wrong.

For Level 12

Mountain Crusher
Ethereal Sentry
High King Irongut

Eagle Banner (Brown ++ Yellow + Purple - )

Mountain Crusher fills ES, ES boosts HKI’s attack to give a near 100% chance of Devour and Vash curses anything that is immune to Devour.


It’s very important to specify what level you are exploring in threads like this. Some teams just don’t cut it at level 12.

I mean, you’re not wrong, but let’s look at the parameters I stated:

(I should’ve said seals/hour, but assumed wins here correlates directly.)

I feel like that sort of implies a level 2 team. The “between matches” overhead makes me think there’s not a way for a level 1 team to be better at wins/hour than a level 2 team. I don’t think a speed level 12 team pulls in seals as fast as a level 2-oriented team.

But I do appreciate the suggestions for speed 12 teams also! Right now I’m finding my Zuul’goth team is consistent and fast, but I’m willing to try other approaches.

Fun fact: I tried @Grunudlum’s team early this morning and the first board had almost nothing but green and blue on it. It was a great first attempt for cognitive bias!

Level 7 or less:

Works with any class.

I substitute Cedric Sparklesack in last place. Use Corsair class for bonus gold, and I average 700 gold even at Level 2.

For difficulty 2 or 3 I use Cedric, doomed weapon ( color dependent on class with a storm ex. doomed glaive for a class that has leaf storm), leprechaun,greed. To maximize gold income.

I also use this for Adventure Board or cpvp and City of Thieves level 20 farming


Class is whatever you want to level. I also have Glaycion leveled to Gold Elite for an extra 7 Armor and 17 Life. I use 3x Medal of Nysha so my Hope’s Crescent can one shot enemies. Mistralus is fantastic for the enchant all and for the board jumble. And of course Zuul’Goth does Zuul’Goth stuff. I only do Explore 12.

Troglodyte is a Guild Wars reward troop. The better your guild ranks in the war the more copies you get. It cycles with Aurai, Myzmer, Penguin, Ogryn, and Peryton so they don’t come around very often.

Thank you.

Sunbird team is still the fastest at low lvl. You can clear it in 2 to 3 turns