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Teams for Speed: Classes & Gnomes

Hey all! I’m looking for teams which allow speed-leveling of classes.

Some key considerations:

  • Can ANY class be swapped in on the team?

  • Where does the team operate best (Explore 1, PvP, etc)?

Also looking for quick gnome-finding teams! I only have one Ironhawk currently.

Thanks for you help, and please include team codes!


Dust Devil
Dust Devil
Hero (any class any weapon)

Explore 1

2 cast win. Fastest possible team with hero.



Slight modifications: hero goes up front, and has Imperial Jewel equipped. That way you can collect mana in the event that an AI troop has more than 20 life+armor (e.g. Captain Macaw during the Suncrest week).


The classic Rowanne team (altought it does better with some forest classes) can be assigned with any class.
It works better in “quick explore” up to level 3 (level 4 with Artifact stats) and Gaard Medals equipped.
And/or City of Thieves and Illithia factions (depending on your hoard level they can one-shot the level 50).

Weapon (that doesn’t block Rowanne)/Rowanne/Maraji Queen/Leprechaun

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Dragon Eye

Exp 12, any class. Venoxia will one-hit most low-level fights too.
Can swap to most weapons that don’t block Venoxia.


Good old-phoenicia team?

Anu’s Scepter
Tink Steamwhistle

Run any lvl of explore, where your Phoenica can 1-cast kill everything once she’s filled up.
Also works fine for most of dungeons/ABs. Bad against teams with on-death summon (loses it’s speed).

Skull Wrath:

Writhing Staff

Idea of this team is to abuse Wrath’s and Scylla’s 3rd trait… Mercy is there to cleanse Wrath from any debuffs he might get at begining of the battle and to quickly fill Wrath…

Usable: pvp, probably also explore.
Bad against: teams with Lust (especialy in last slot), stone talent hero’s with Impact talent (which will strip wrath’s 3rd trait), troops with reflect (which miht lead to Wrath’s sucide)
But apart from teams listed above this team, can autoplay itself with simple match4 or Mercy cast…


I’ve found that the Venoxia/Beetrix team is unreliable without an initial Leafstorm. I still win, but I frequently turn over a board full of 4+ matches to the AI and so matches take longer than they otherwise might.


I’ve leveled all my remaining classes with:
Rope Dart
Possessed King
playing PvP on any Level that fits.


For lower Level players:

Princess Elspeth
Bomb Bot
Bomb Bot
Mountain Crusher (or other Brown weapon)

Can generally wipe Level 2 Explores in a couple of moves :+1:


I sometimes use a Hybrid of that for E12 with a Dervish hero.

Marilith, Venoxia, Queen B, Earth’s Fury.

Generally I find it faster than using Leprechaun as it’s only good to start, and the attack damage will be significant if Hunt is applied. I often kill at least 1 troop with skulls while looping. EF also is a pseudo true damage dealer, reducing the overall damage required for QB to kill sooner, so you can get QB into range sooner. Dervish works by far the best with skill point buffs, HM and such. I farm Pridelands, so get a free red storm nearly all the time if I want for Marilith, or if I don’t run there, I’ll use brown storm and fill EF fairly well. Everybody is doing true damage unless no armour left. It’s only a shame that Marilith isn’t a monster. :slight_smile:


Oddly enough I actually did very well with Slayer on that team with the starting Icestorm. At that stage I was actually just trying to level Slayer, but “a storm” beats “no storm”. The fact its at least one of the colors in play undoubtedly helps of course …

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Oooo I love this thread. I like to time other people’s teams and got several to test now. :heart:

Here’s my general adventure board / dungeon team. It’s good for pairing with any class:

For explore during gnome week, I use Phoenicia on level 5/6 to one shot. Sunspear is best, but I’m levelling other classes with Firestarter at the moment. If you don’t have automatic every turn firestorm, avoid kingdoms that could override your fire storm.

For level 12 explore, a Rowanne team. Titan makes it fast due to explosions and the barrier can help, but you could use any class here to level, you’ll just lose some speed. The strategy here is to buff Rowanne once with shield, cast Megavore once, then Rowanne to kill.


So many great teams already!

I’ve experimented before with this team and love it. I do wonder whether it is the fastest for class exp, or whether there exists a team that can do Pvp fast enough to generate more class exp.

I think even if your team could one-shot PvP “most of the time”, you’d end up with a worse XP-rate due to re-summons, on-death mechanics etc.

That team will get you 4 xp per minute. As long as you can average 30 sec battles in pvp it would be the same.

Pvp would be less xp I would say but more gold and the chance of pet gnome so maybe switch between the two so you don’t get bored.

Can’t speak for @NerdieBirdie only myself, but yep I agree with this. I don’t farm class XP specifically. I just passively collect it while doing other stuff. Most days that’s PvP at chance for pets. On Wednesdays it’s explore because for some reason we can’t trigger pets then.

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They are all good, but the team depends on the team of the enemy. If the enemy is stronger l need to reconsider it, so l think l could not answer for what would be the best troop.

I generally play teams that I can ignore what the enemy is, as I generally farm while doing other stuff so I don’t pay much attention. My explore team for example generally works everywhere with few exceptions, so I just ignore those kingdoms. But otherwise, I don’t like swapping teams between fights, like between PvP fights. There are definitely faster teams if you don’t mind swapping though!

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from my personal experience:
D1 explore (or any D explore where you can 1shot/2shot everything ) is faster than doing left-most casual pvp.

I can probably do 4-5 explore battles in time needed for game to:
play my pvp battle
load me 3 new foes (and if playing ranked, this timer goes even higher with ranked points gained screen)

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Trying out this tweak on your team.


The Imperial Jewel costs too much mana to be effective. While it can take any color, the Wizard’s Wand costs 15 less mana, does more scatter damage than is needed after both DDs cast, and can be filled in 1 purple match due to the banner.