Show me some good Fast Explore teams


Hi people! I’m new and stumbling around. Joined this reeaally serious guild that has a seal req of 1300/week and I was amazed how ppl got so much.
I thought they lived in their parents basements playing all day but after a week they told me that they do 4 battles/minute!!

TLDR: I need fast explore teams.
I got the Death Knight armor if that helps.


Tricky without knowing what troops you have, but:

Forest Guardian
Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb

Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb

Unlikely you’ll get much faster than that.


Princess elspeth (full traited)
3x bombot


Not trying to be a jerk or anything but have you asked your guildmates for suggestions? Any guild worth its salt would be helpful to its members as it’s in their best interest to help you be as productive as possible. If you haven’t asked them, you should. If you have and you still needed to come here for the answer you might reconsider how good a fit the guild is for you at this stage. There are numerous guilds happy to teach players.

That said, @HootyMcOwlFace has the right of it. You’re not going to get too much faster than those 2 teams. If you don’t have forest guardian almost anything that doesn’t block your firebird colors can sit up front. The 2nd team has no legendary/mythics so is should be easier to put together though. In either case you really need firebombs’s 3rd trait - that’s where your speed comes from.


The fastest is simply Sunbird, Fire Bomb, Fire Bomb, (Anything). Either cast one Fire Bomb and then use Sunbird to win, or cast both Fire Bombs then use Sunbird to win. The (Anything) can be a weekly event troop if there’s an Explore bonus; I use Pharos-Ra as my default so I at least get a small trickle of Souls.



Fully traited Firebomb is essential to start with full Mana.

Use Firebomb until Sunbird is charged.

Use Sunbird. If ememy is still alive use another Firebomb.

Rinse repeat until quick victory.


Princess Elspeth

Use PE on one of the Aurais and you usually get a 4 match to either fill Rowanne or set her up to be filled. One cast is enough to clear the opponent team 99% of the time, assuming your kingdoms are leveled up enough for the bonuses.


This is what I use for explore and easy casual pvp. Spiritdancer gets replaced by the weekly event troop or Ogryn if the event troop doesn’t offer gold, glory or traitstones.


They told me to come here.

Also, where’s the link for the troops? Can’t find it under troops.

I’ll see.what troops I get from My keys.


Don’t forget to set you animations to X4 under the graphics tab in settings.


Not sure what link you’re referring to…one here on forums or in game? And what info are you looking to obtain from it?


astral spirit (blue and empowered), Rowanne, Elspeth, Penguin. Any 2 blue banner

All blue troops gives 10 extra armor which gives rowanne 20 more damage(if you have the blue pet). Because astral spirit is empowered she doesn’t block mana and she is there if one troop somehow survives. This is the best one in the game I have made.


It’s a link to my troops so my guild in discord can see what troops I use.

I got a green firebomb now. I’ll open chests (guild hit 40K seals) and see what I get


We asked him if he could create a gowdb link so we could offer help building teams. We gave instructions on how to create one but apparently they were a little hard to follow, so we’ve provided new instructions with screenshots to hopefully make it easier. We do our best to help new players out, whether or not some of us may have at one point or another spent too much time in a basement :wink: (Also, we’re a PC/Mobile guild. Not sure how this post landed in the Console forum, but we use the same troops so no harm done!)


Switched it to Pc/mobile for you!


Makes more sense now - perfect!

@Jerry you’re in good hands in TUF. :grinning:


Just cast Elspeth on the hero and watch the spawned blue gems fill Rowanne. Then cast Rowanne. 95 percent of the time 1 cast of Rowanne is enough to wipe out the opposing team in explore. If not, two 3-matches of blue should fill Rowanne again to cast the final blow. Or Valkyrie can help make blue gems.


I realized after the fact that I could have done that myself and you beat me to it. Thanks :+1:


yeah, I thought you should have been able to :slight_smile: