What's the best way to farm runics now? Update 4.6

It feels like runics are rarer than arcanes now with the new explore system.

Any tips on farming them? I never have enough reds and yellows since all the others come up when delving. Are there any difficulties that have a higher runic drop rate?

Otherwise, I’ve been running difficulty 1 to farm minors and majors to craft runics, but even this is quite tedious.

Don’t craft traitstones that way, its incredibly inefficient. Someone made a table that I’ll locate in a minute … or so I thought.

On another note, I’ve never been particularly convinced that this game knows how a pyramid scheme is supposed to operate. Y’know, more Commons than Rares than Ultras than Epics than Legendaries than Mythics - we’ve always got something standing out where it shouldn’t …