Suggestion: Re-think Traitstone Drops vs Explore Level

I’d like to suggest that the developers re-think the traitstone drops in Explore. According to the articles I’ve read, it looks like the Explore difficulty level will increase the odds of getting Arcanes. But, it says nothing about increasing the odds of getting Runics. No matter the level, Runics seem to fall between the cracks. For instance, I just finished my 3rd run all the way through Mythic Bosses. I got oodles of Minor and Major Traitstones. I got 6 Arcanes and a Celestial. But NO Runics. That’s just not right.

A possible change would be to give mostly Minors/Majors with the non-Boss Explore battles (with a small chance of higher traitstones) and bump the whole curve up with the Mid-Boss and then again with the Mythic Boss. So, definitely no more Minors with the Mid-Boss (and it should have a preference for Runics). Similarly, no more Majors with the Mythic Boss (and it should have a preference for Arcanes).

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This might be intentional, to slow progression. Not saying it’s right but that they probably made that decision on purpose, just like making The Warrens’s boss room be the only delve room that gives arcane traitstones.

While I agree that it would be nice to have a specific difficulty for farming a specific thing (looking at you medal of nysha), I don’t think this’ll change, as per above.

In the meantime, the only runics you cannot get from delves are yellow and red, with only one room that gives green. It is recommended you farm runics in dual color kingdoms (although I’ve never seen proof of this). So, while you’re farming Shentang, Dragon’s Claw and Adana for yellow and red runics, you will probably be getting a bunch of major yellows and reds, which you can then covert to runics in the Soul Forge.

I’m not here to argue but IMO if you are looking for a specific coloured Runic, I would definitely grind MONO colour kingdom and if you are unlucky and don’t get one, you atleast have got 100% right colours what you can convert in the Soulforge.

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Sure, can agree with that. I guess when I was grinding runics, I always needed 2 and a specific arcane, so I went to duals. But your argument makes perfect sense.