Where to farm Runic Traitstone?

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Sorry if it’s already answered somewhere, but I didn’t find.
I have a small question on runic traitstone, in particular on the location where to farm them.
For arcane it’s easy to choose because they are tied with a specific kingdom. Minor and major don’t really need to be farmed.

But I have a dilemna for runic. Let’s say i need earth runic TS, the brown ones. I have 2 choices : Khaziel where there’s only brown TS, or the 4 kingoms that are Brown + another color (eg : Grosh-Nak that is brown/red)

Where does the odds are better for the earth runic TS ? In other words, does the odds of dropping runics TS are doubled in a single color kingdom ?

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You are better off exploring in a single color kingdom if you are looking for a runic of a particular type.

In this case, Khaziel is your best bet. The drop rates are 2x better than a kingdom with another color.


My exp aligns with what @Saluki says

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OK, thanks !

In fact, I’m really farming earth relic TS. And I did weekly event by doing exploration, half in Grosh-Nak, half in Khaziel. But I dropped exactly 0 :smiley:

I’ll keep farmin in Khaziel :wink:

I’m just curious… what upgrade are you chasing?

Just the first trait of mechanist for Hero.
I don’t really plan my TS farm, I go for what I need when I need it :smiley:

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For Runic Earth / Runic Fire

Adana - Fire
Blackhawk - Earth
Blighted Lands Fire
Broken Spire Earth
Darkstone Earth

Check here for all the locations


Yep, I know thanks !

The question was more on the odds between monocolor and bicolor kingdom.

For runic - easier to go to mono colored kingdoms

I found the bicolored tend to drop the same one over and over (real annoying)

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