Whats some good team for Yao Guai?


I just got him and fully traited him now I’ve seen few videos of pplz using him but didnt like much of their setups anyone can throw a good one I was thinking of gorgotha and what else?


Alchemist / Hellcat / YG / QT


Gorgotha / YG / Hellcat / Aby


QT stands for Queen Titania and Aby stands for Abynissia if OP is wondering.


Yes, thanks, sorry, rushing…


I like Yao/Yao/GlitterClaw/Tai-Pan






awesome going to try out some list but dont have QT and Aby.


Very short/resumed version:

In Jainus build you could use your hero with a support weapon or such, he would gain Talent XP from the battles which is important for some classes. His build is based on looping Hellcat and Alchemist as they both feed each other and these loops would trigger Yao-Guai and QT traits. QT Faerie Fire boosts Yao-Guai spell damage.


You can replace QT with the hero with the DeathKnell weapon - works very well…


Mountain Crusher/Yao Guai/Tai-Pan/Queen Aurora - Meteor Banner
Mountain Crusher or Flammifier/Flame Troll/Yao Guai/Tai-Pan - Meteor Banner or Dragon’s Banner
Tai-Pan/Hellcat/Yao Guai/Queen Titania - Dragon’s Banner. My favorite one, since it one-cycles nearly PvP battle without needing to “loop” to a point where you are resetting the board
Alchemist/Moneylender/Yao Gaui/xx or Hellcat/Alchemist/Yao Guai/xx (xx is anything that can support or benefit from the loop, Queen Titania/Megavore for a bit more speed, Forest Guardian/Mercy for more control but lower speed, etc)


Wow many many choices thanks guys.