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Divinia, Yao gui team

What are some good teams with these troops?


Lord Ember is a nice Red Transformer to trigger Divinia’s and Yao Guai’s traits and his colors won’t block mana for them, he also gives Magic to all aliies.

Hellcat is also a good option, more aggressive because he deals damage but his colors (yellow) clashs with Divinia.

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Sorry mc and tds?

Mountain Crusher (Hero)
The Dragon Soul


Yes lol. What AngryMidget said.

Lord Ember Wall Of Oblivion Divinia Yao … yellow red banner … dragon guard hero (hopefully talent tree has firestorm and extra red mana unlocked) … cast lord ember when a 4 match red can happen and let divinia / yao do their thing… I use this team for everything

Mountain Crusher (Speed) - Divinia (Life)- Yao Guai (Profits from life) - Ketras (Profits from life).

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I use Divinia, Hellcat, Yao, Mountain Crusher.

Yao just goes out of control, and Divinia is the premier troop for keeping a team alive.

I’d personally buy the 88th tier in whatever cash shop to not get the weapon because whoops and put Ubastet on the team.

Alternatively, forget Divinia and use Divine Protector, Yao, Infernus, Lalala. If you really want Divinia for whatever reason, put Infernus anywhere and add Lalala and proceed to drag out battles for no reason instead of just two shotting everything.