Help with team build

Pulled Tian Yi this morning unexpectedly from a glory key. It’s the second mythic I’ve pulled - the first was abynissia.

Unfortunately both seem to be less than useful.

I’m a midgame level 1000 player with Titan to 100 but no other significant class gains. I’ve got nearly all of the useful legendaries but have been saving my gems for Pharos Ra/infernus when they show up

Can anyone advise me on how to construct some sort of viable team with either of these troops or is it not worth it?

Aby is a little more defensive than offensive.

Tian is not so great, but I suggest you explore options which include King Silenus as he will start Tian at 50% mana.

I use my blue staff to destroy all of a gem color, I use TWO Tia guys and there two attacks get more powerful every attack. Last I throw in Glyceron to freeze and stack the board with Doomskulls.

Sneak preview of my Mythic Tier List update: Here’s my Tian Yi team!

  • Saurus Banner (+2 Red/+1 Blue/-1 Brown)
  • Jar of Eyes
  • Chief Dargon
  • Medea
  • Tian Yi

Jar of Eyes provides mana generation, and an Icestorm to fuel Tian Yi. Chief Dargon clears more Gems to get blue cascades, while boosting Tian Yi’s attack. Medea uses these cascades to boost Tian Ti’s magic, and Barriers him on cast. Tian Yi himself creates Monkey Disciples, whose spell creates gems that fill Chief Dargon, Medea, or Tian Yi, which is helpful if your hero dies.

Try using

Mountain crusher (bard)
Tian Yi
King selinus

A very powerful team for 2 explosions a half mana start to everything, +1 to all skills per turn, and Tian Yi also gains 1 bonus magic from 3rd trait per turn. ENJOY