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What's in the console Event Pack for this week? (update this please)

hope the minors are green.

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Fenrir is not to bad. Dropped from a glory key about 7hours ago. Looking forward to the swamp stones. :slight_smile:

Fenrir is a nice troop and at the least I can finally max out Druid. No need to over spend since the color will be back with Mercy.

Druid!? No, time to trait rowanne and treant <3

and slime, and spider, and the pc’s new naga queen… no shortage of this combo in upcoming events… and not really much in epics/legends that use it that we have on console.

Treant is as cheap as Druid, but I already have Druid at 2 and use him. I don’t use Treant except for the occasional Arena.

Don’t use Rowanne much either and as an Epic, she’s too much to spend the glory for. When Mercy comes, I’ll splurge but for now, Druid is more than enough.

Rowanne’s traits don’t do a whole lot for her… Treant is a sweet tank though… I’m gonna try out some webspinner though especially since my zhul kari is still 2*

They are, Blue is Fenrir’s “secondary” colour.

You should keep @Lyya’s List bookmarked :wink:

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yay time to 3* pan’s vale and maybe zhul kari.

I did this earlier, basically because you asked.



May 17 to May 24, 2016;

Fenrir (from Maugrim Woods)
2 Event keys
200 souls
2500 gold
2x Arcane Swamp Traitstones
4x Minor Nature Traitstones
Cost: 400 Glory

Fenrir: Spell is “Call of the Pack” (11 Blue/Green)
Give an ally [Magic+2] Attack. If they are a Beast, they gain 4 more Attack. All allies also gain 3 Life.

Hey Talia, you posted this 10 hours ago and it isn’t even reset time yet on the American West Coast. The event card doesn’t necessarily show from the night before does it?

The card shows up in your list if you show all after midnight local time. But the event to get it doesn’t start until now.

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You can also pull the event Troop from chests after midnight local time, which is what I did in this case.

Since the Troop Pack follows the exact same formula, once I know the Troop, I know what’s in the Pack.

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It’s forest stones right now; is that going to be fixed?

I am not a developer, but I HAVE informed them.

I have updated the OP with Fenrir the wildfolk.
Also included a historical note about how Fenrir was originally a green/brown troop in his original release, which may explain why he came packed with Arcane Forest traitstones instead of Swamp stones. The console event pack has since been fixed according to Shiratori.

Fenrir has also received a reduction to his mana cost from 13 to 11 in the current release.

By the way, since the nerfs and debuffs have been applied in the past few months, chances are that the Magic scaling stats that we’re quoting for these troops may be incorrect.

I think quoted information about troops is being pulled from @Lyya’s database which is a direct pull from the game data.

Ok. I’ll have to reference then what we’ve been quoting from the web (or wikia) against Lyya’s DB.

Forgot to mention for people who like to buy stuff for VIP levels, this week does not have any $5 weapon pack for sale. Last week was the special event item:

Chain Flail (11 brown): Deal [4+Magic] damage to an enemy. If the enemy has an Undead troop, deal 9 damage to another random enemy.

Just a small note: the Gems of War Database is using the current, up-to-date data from the Steam files. It should therefore be 100% accurate for PC/mobile players. Console players will need to take the info with caveats, as their game files are older (though not divergent, according to the console devs) and may not have all of the tweaks the PC game has received. Most notably, of course, the console doesn’t have the entire troop list available, but other balance changes may also be outdated.

As time goes on, @Nex has indicated that the console version will converge with the PC/mobile one (though the timeframe for such convergence is not available).