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What's exactly in the Legendary starter pack and those keys pack?

I cann’t see any details about the packs that I mentioned in the XBOXSTORE page.
as for the Legendary starter pack which cost $50, I want to know how many troop characters and how many keys I will get,PLS

Do not buy.
It comes with roughly 30keys.
No Arcane stones
No event keys or vip keys.
No legendary weapon.

Put it short it’s an absolute rip-off :rage:
Th key starter pack is good value compared to that awful legend crimson bat pack.
If you want value for money & not feel like you have been ripped just stick with the in-game bundles

Very shady that bat pack and they don’t even list what you will get

So disappointed to hear that ,absolutly I don’t want to be ripped by this way!!
Thanks for replying

They are not known as someone who rip off their players. Any specific legendary pack is expensive because you can target that exact legendary in that way. It’s it expensive? Yes. Should you buy it? Depends how much you want that legend. But at some point you can get it from all the free keys you will open. So no it’s not a rip off.

It’s even more expensive then the in-game psion bundle.
The devs need to fix this crap.

Glad I could help as I don’t want anyone else to be ripped.

PC support and console support are like comparing apples to oranges.

I cannot even know how many keys will be in those key pack, those rain keys pack,typhon keys pack,breeze keys pack,Blah, blah, blah!

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The contents are listed in-game for most packs. The exceptions are the console-exclusive packs, which are only listed in the console store, not the in-game store.

PS4 Key pack: 10 gold keys, 15 gem keys, 10 event keys.
Xbox Rain of Keys: 10 gold keys, 10 glory keys, 10 gem keys, 10 event keys.

The consoles set prices & sale prices for those bundles. The Shadow Dragon bundle was on sale recently for $30, for example. Those are console sales set by Sony & Microsoft - distinct from GoW sales that we schedule.


Just so you know, this does not show up in the PS4 store. This goes for the amount of keys in all of the key packs as well as which legendary is in the Legendary packs. Or if it does show up I definitely can’t find it. This should definitely be fixed, maybe more people would have invested in these if they knew what they were getting.

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In the PSN Store, I think a PlayStation Plus subscription is required to view the PS4 Key Pack in the first place?

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What I dont understand about the packs is how little they give in them, e.g. a legendary bundle that does not come with enough cards to Mythic the troop or even enough arcanes to trait him. It is literally a waste

@Robert I think what you’re looking at in the store are what I’d call legacy Legendary bundles. They were released before the traiting mechanic exploded on scene and became essential for surviving PvP. I bought two bundles myself and don’t regret the purchases, but to date I haven’t obtained sufficient stones to be able to put the 2nd trait on either of them, let alone the 3rd.

I am pleased to have reached a VIP level sufficient to use the VIP chests, and to help support GoW with these bundle purchases and the weekly purchases. But what bothers me right now is that console deployment for 1.085 has been somewhat akin to tenterhooks; I feel like I’m paying for the privilege of beta testing the various issues. : p. The console devs are doing their best, but there are many external factors outside of their direct control.