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XBox store - Legendary Starter Pack

Is the Xbox store “Legendary Starter Pack” the same as the Merlantis Kingdom Bundle for this week?

Nothing labeled “Legendary Starter Pack” exists inside the game.

No answer implies that no developer or player has any idea which items are being purchased as the “Legendary Starter Pack” listed at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/legendary-starter-pack/bt8p304805tt for $49.99. And please don’t guess - you should never have to guess what you are buying.

Hey @Dude,

Due to holidays, responses have been a bit slow. The “Xbox Legendary Starter Pack” which is viewed in the Xbox Live Store is different from the one in game. This bundle has been created specifically for Xbox One and is currently $20 off.

This contains the following items

  • Shadow Dragon (pictured)
  • 10 Gem Keys
  • 1,000 Souls
  • 10 Glory Keys
  • 10 Gold Keys

Kingdom Bundles are not shown in the Xbox Live storefront due to how often they change, so they are only accessed via the in-game store.

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Is there still plans for a PS4 bundle coming soon ?

That is much more helpful than the XBox description “… Here’s a legendary troop, and enough resources to start building a powerful team out of the gate…”

Yes, there should be

Does it reward VIP points too?

I believe any GOW purchase earns VIP points. Generally 25 points per $5, but there are several that give less.
However, items on sale give points based on their regular price.
I did not buy this package since I already had the troop.