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[XB1] Sir Gwayne Starter Pack $1.50 but... Where is the PS4 version?

Just so you know, this week Microsoft published the little-known “Sir Gwayne Starter Pack” at an 85% discount in the Xbox Store:


This is a particularly interesting offer. On the surface it gives Sir Gwayne, who is a decent summoner troop, and 1000 Souls and 5 Gems Keys… all well and good.

The surprising part is that, if you’ve never bought Gems DLC before, it will also provide sufficient VIP points to give you 2 New Team Slots and 1 Daily Glory Key. That’s a pretty good deal for $1.50!

Console users, if this peaks your interest, it might be a good idea to pick it up sooner rather than later. :wink: The last time Sir Gwayne was published to the server, its availability lasted all of 3 days despite the “6 days remaining” schedule. Not sure if the impossible “release date October 2018” had something to do with it, :confounded: but for now it’s still there and still available.


Promotional offer is available from the console Store until December 18th, and it can be located on the Store dashboard under “Deals” and the “505 Games Starter Packs” banner.

Thanks to @TheIdleOne for tracking down how to find Sir Gwayne in the Store :slight_smile:


@Cyrup @Ozball

…forgot to add it appears to be nearly impossible to actually FIND this item in the Xbox Store. If you do a search for “Gems of War,” you’ll find the game itself… and ten of the 14 DLCs.

Sadly, Sir Gwayne appears to be locked in hiding on xbox.com --lonely and lost he is to the concealing, mystic fogs of oblivion-- unless you search for the Starter Pack directly by name.

The only reason I even know about the Sir Gwayne Starter pack in the first place is that he showed up one day on the Storeparser. Microsoft has been randomly blocking users from accessing Storeparser at peak usage times, so it’s not like most people would’ve been able to find it.

At least you can find him if you know where to look on the Microsoft server. I’ve not been so fortunate on store.playstation.com. After doing a couple hours of archeological digs for Sir Gwayne or anything similar under “PlayStation Store New This Month” and “All Games, Bundles, New Last 30 Days,” I’ve come up with a resounding bundle of zilch for Gems of War on the PS4.

Where’s the Starter Pack deal version for the PS4? What is it called? Thanks.

actually, it’s not too difficult to find the Sir Gwayne Starter pack on the Xbox One. If you open up the Gems of War store page and choose Show All for all of its Add-Ons, It’ll show everything that’s available.

While hidden at the very bottom of all of the add-ons, it has a big yellow sign that says Save $8.49.

My only gripe is that I can’t buy it more than once. I needed a few more Sir Gwaynes, but I’m not in a dire hurry to mythic it.

Its also listed as part of the 505 Games Starter Packs deals which has a very big banner in the deals section of the Marketplace.

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@Ozball This is no where to be found on the PS4 as mentioned above I’ve tried every possible way to find it and it doesn’t exist.

@TheIdleOne thanks!

Ok, the “Show All” results are surprising, one has to actually be in the “Store” part of the menu on the XB1 itself, and not arrive there from Game Hub or be navigating the Store on microsoft.com. So the console dashboard itself shows 30 DLCs for Gems of War, including the Sir Gwayne Starter Pack right at the end of the list.

However, that list is still missing the Xbox Gold pack called “Souls and Gold Bundle” which players gain access to for having an Xbox Gold subscription.

Thanks again for mentioning the 505 promotion this week until December 18th.

The “505 Games Starter Packs” are found under the “Deals” part of the console Store.

I think if there’s a version of a discounted Starter Pack available on the PS4 store, it will almost certainly be under a different name. Again, seems to be impossible to find unless you know what you’re looking for and what it means. I was hoping someone may have noticed a new GoW promotion if (or when) it first appeared under New This Week.

Why don’t we get such deals on pc/mobile?!


505 Mobile Games may end up offering some holiday deals. Maybe.

I don’t have a similar app to parse the store offerings on other platforms. @Draprion guess we’ll be spearheading a pre-Christmas Easter Egg Hunt for 505 deals in the Steam and Android and Apple iOS stores…

The Sir Gwayne deal on Xbox is an Xbox exclusive.

However PS4 has it’s own exclusive deal coming up shortly.

Any indication in-game that I bought the pack? Can’t remember how many sir gwayne’s I had before, or any other resources.

I rec’d confirmation after purchase - then it downloaded and confirmed - I logged into game and a box popped up that said “You Won” and listed all the items. Hope that helps.

Can you buy multiple gwayne packs like you can the 5$ daily dungeon deal.

I’m with you though I wouldn’t hold my breath!

no, sadly…

Ya know, you’d think they’d advertise this wonderful deal in game on the xbox.

I think it depends on who initiated the sale promotion? It could have originated on the publisher end (with Microsoft, or with 505 Games), or on the developer end (Infinity+2). I find who-does-what in creating a game so confusing these days, and I’ve mentioned that in chat. In this case it seems to be 505 Games who launched the sale offering.

Well that sounds good! I just started a new character on the PS4. She’s now level 8, and I’m a little surprised… A couple things might have been a bit unexpected (obstructive?) about the Tutorial and the game’s default settings. I think the Tutorial may need some updating for beginners.

Still looking forward to seeing the PS4 exclusive though!


Your’e actually suggesting that the devs could be totally unaware of a sale or promotion of their game?

It’s only Xbox, they don’t care, they don’t play. They just take console players money. Merlantis is proof.

The reason why I had the impression that our Devs aren’t directly handling this particular promo is that 1) I didn’t see any tweets about it from the gemsofwar Account, and 2) the first time it showed up was in October for only a few days. In general, when Infinity presents a promo they do let us know about it AND they make sure it’s directed to the appropriate audience(s).

I find it hard to believe that Salty and Oz etc etc would sit on an “Xbox-exclusive-only” for two months without working to arrange a similar deal for PS4 players. I figure I had simply missed the PS4 version of the promotion. But it looks more and more like 505 is handling different marketing arrangements for their console platforms and in this case, Xbox got to see the sale price first.

Sorry, I was being sarcastic.
The devs seemed totally unaware of this sale, and did nothing to advertise it. I would be one angry Duck demanding how this got missed if I was the boss lol

It’s back, and better than ever!.. Actually more like the exact same than ever. Sir Gwayne and his 1k Souls + 5 Gem Keys (not to mention the VIP points) are back in the Microsoft Store for $1.50 till April 16th!

Here’s the link to make it a bit easier to find this time around:

No word on a PS4 Exclusive just yet, but there’s always something cooking across all platforms :slight_smile: