Game Pass Ultimate Perk Error

If you’re a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber then you should have access to a bunch of ‘perks’, one of them is the Shadow Dragon Legendary Starter Pack. It gives you a code to redeem which does work but the problem is it doesn’t do anything, no notification in game to say you received anything. It should include the weapon Order and Chaos which i don’t have.

I don’t know if this is a new bundle that was pushed out too early which is why it’s not working. There’s no such bundle in the MS store or in game, the only thing similar is a Legendary Starter Pack which includes the Dragon and a bunch of keys.

Anyone had any luck getting it to work? A few of my guild has already tried but we all keep having the same issue.


I have the same issue on Xbox. Along with a Gears one and 3 for Phantasy Star. I spent over an hour on the phone with Xbox support today and they couldn’t figure it out. The guy even downloaded the game and he didn’t get the perk to work. He had me send a help request to Microsoft, but I haven’t heard back yet. Only been a couple of hours

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We’re looking into this at the moment as our top priority.
We have an article here if you’d like to press the follow button to be notified when there’s updates:

While you’re at it, last time I checked many of the Xbox store gems of war purchases don’t match what you actually get.

Could you please provide us with more information regarding this @UKresistance?

that’s not what’s in starter pack 2, which is what ultimate gave away for free earlier.

There’s an example, Xbox gems store hasn’t been updated in years.

If possible, it would be great to know which bundles offer what, and what you get that doesn’t match up.

I’ll compile everything and follow it up as necessary.

So are cosmetic pets going to be available in the daily deals?

Guild Elite / Champion / Hero in Xbox store all use old loot with seals. But someone with a credit card needs to go to Xbox store, view description and purchase it. I have seen / heard of other differences but don’t remember details, but any deal that has been updated in ~2 years has not been updated on Xbox store. I think it was the starter packs in particular that were changed.

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I just pinged Salty to update her that the starter, intermediate and advanced packs probably need to be reviewed too, thanks UK. We’ll follow up on this.

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Thanks for further details. Kafka and I are doing what we can.

The World of Tanks offer works fine. Just saying.

The perk seems to have been removed. I can’t find it on the Gamepass app.

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Problem solved in the easiest way possible. :wink:


The day you test pre release is the day I may experience renewed faith

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My code says I redeemed it, yet I couldn’t find the rewards in game. Maybe I’m just a dumb Orc, but I figured out how to get my free tanks.

I don’t have the other games @Aragorn1 listed, but if WoT works, they all should work. Or at least charge Xbox players an extra dollar for some unexplained reason. And the free tanks I got were different than the free tanks I got last month from Game Pass…

My bad. I’ll refocus and redirect my animosity towards my GW opponents. Thanks for a smile, and a reality check. :smile:

Exactly. In a nutshell…almost every game I can think of has a higher sense of enjoyment

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Easy down killers.
It was my suggestion (and I’m sure others that have more pull) that they be a part of Gamepass.
If you expected them to get it right straight out of the gate then your expectations are way too high to be a Gems of War player.


Just a quick update:

The team were discussing this issue with 505 and Microsoft over the weekend, we’re currently just waiting for a response from Microsoft regarding getting this fixed for the players who already redeemed the code.

I believe the branch of Microsoft we’re dealing with was closed due to a hurricane on Friday and I’m not aware of what their status is right now so I just wanted to let you know what I could while we wait for the next response.

Hopefully once we’ve heard back from them I’ll have information for you about how exactly this will be resolved.


@Kafka is there any update yet on this? Thanks in advance

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