What would you guys advice?

As i have passed level 600 just recentely, i’ve found myself to be in somewhat of a predicament…
I’m starting to get somehwat bored.

Let me honest first of all, this game is nothing but a major grind. Wether it be grinding for traitstones, gems, troops, orbs, souls and everything else. But i don’t mind grinding, i’ve played runescape for years and years and i love giving my full dedication to a major grind that gives a feeling of satisfaction and accompishment in the end.

The thing that i’m actually bored with right now is my teams…
My main team is the one i use most of the time for pet rescue and dungeons most of the time and it’s very effective (i said effective, not fast…).
But i want something new, something fresh and something fun!

To elaborate my current main Team (everything is fully traited):
- Knight Coronet (epic)
My main Tank and dmg dealer. His traits make him one of the best tanks in the game
- Hero (paladin) /w Urskaya shield +4
“Let’s make KC even tankier shall we?”
- Queen Ysabelle (legendary)
“Let’s make KC even tankier shall we?”
- Sir Gwayne (epic)
Lost KC or more troops? Summon new ones with this last-slot-tank

This team might be slow, but it is a winner for me (although PVP can sometimes give me some difficulty). BUT IT’S BORING AFTER 600 LEVELS !!

Off course i have some alternatives like a soul-grinding-team and a traistone-farming-team but those only work for the particular use they have (make the grind easier).

So i would like to ask this wonderful community with all it’s wonderful people… What should i do? Is there any particular team you guys would advice me with all the troops that i have? You can find my complete collection right here:
(if i havent linked this correctly… my apologies for that…)


I do believe i am in the possession of some fun troops with great synergy but i can’t really make out wich ones work together. I realize the potential of stuff like Valkyrie and Princess Fizzbang but one way or another i just can’t help myzelf making a new “main” team.

Would you wonderful people please help me out
Thanks alot in advance!

Kisses! xx

You could try a team I used for a change of pace. I still use it for daily tasks requiring 4 of the same kingdom. Boar Rider, Nobend Bros, Fizzbang and Goblin Rocket. I like vampire banner. Cast Nobend and Fizzbang as much as you can, look for good circumstances for Boar Rider and Goblin Rocket. When you get it looping it’s fun. Using any one team over and over is boring, this let me have 2 “mains”.

Are you in an active guild?

Looking at your troop list, you’re missing almost all the good legendary troops and only have Elmaugrim as a base mythic.

Your best two legendaries are arguably Queen Titania (but she works well with Yao Gai…who you don’t have) and Keeper of Souls who can work well with Apothecary and an armour piercing troop or Assassin Class up front.

There’s a lot more fun legendary troops out there, and the easiest way to access them is with a guild that is active, completes tasks and ideally does a few Legendary Tasks.

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The guild is Medium Active so far as i can tell
The main problem with me joining a guild currently is

  • My kingdoms haven’t all reached level 10 yet, so my gold input is rather low
  • I’m not much of a PVP man tbh, and i dont want this to be a requirement

If you say Keeper + Apothecary what would you suggest for the other 2 slots?

I must say that as of today (and the comeback of the Adana-Mech week) i’m having ALOT of fun with the following team. It actually suprised me alot how far i got on Raid Boss with this team!

(i do realise that the 10% boost to Adana and Mechs only lasts 1 week, but im finding this team alot of fun, and i am certain that this combination still works without the week-boost!).

  • Clockwork sphinx :shield:
    Boosting the armor of every ally with reduced Skull dmg making it somewhat of a 1st slot tank
    Also destroys chosen mana color to fill-up other troops or itself wich makes firing spells alot easier
    And every single ally-spell makes the Sphinx only stronger and stronger

  • Bombot :boom:
    Basically a filler Adana-troop for the team bonus… but it proves itself more than worthy
    With increased armor from both Sphinx and Hero, this troop is a real mechine (pun intended)

  • Tesla :zap:
    Does Telsa need any explanation for this team? Really…!?
    True dmg all enemies increased by own armor wich is boosted by both Sphinx and Hero
    Also, mana it needs isn’t blocked and can be quickly gathered using Sphinx spell

  • Hero (Bard) /w Wrenchmaster 5000 :wrench:
    Gives more armor to Bombot and Tesla for dmg output and Sphinx for its long-livety as a “tank”
    Uses Yellow and is not blocked by allies and the Bard talents give this troop a major magic boost!
    5 magic for using a yellow weapon
    2 magic for being in the last team slot
    4 magic for using an artifact

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Join an active guild that does not require gold contributions until all your kingdoms are levelled

I have thought about that, and i have to note, i am very close… i only need 1 more kingdom to reach level 10 (i’m guessing i’ll reach that goal in 1 or 2 days seeing the time i have free to play the game).

But still, despite the fact that i might be limiting myself by considering myself as a new player (even tho i’ve surpassed level 600 as of last week…) and therefor am sceptical that an actual good guild would take me in…

What platform do you play on?

We have low gold requirements and are rank 196 on Xbox–last week we unlocked all but the last Tower of Doom reward, and all but one Guild statue!

I play on mobile

And that sounds like a guild i could feel at home!
Especially when the person that invites me has a metagross as his profile pic :smiley:

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Mobile and Xbox can’t link up, unfortunately!

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Ah that’s to bad so sad…

Nevertheless this awesome and very helpful community never ceases to amaze me with all their kindness so far!

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I had that problem around level 400 or so since I almost exclusively used knights. I still have knight teams like you have but I noticed myself bored of them eventually. I am around level 600 as well so what I ended up doing is making a team for each of the classes.

Knight team is Alastair, Knight hero with Cane Sword, Lady Ironbeard, Gard’s Avatar.
Bard team- Sylvasi, Bard w/ Black Manacles, King Silenius, Blade Dancer(waiting for mythic)
Dwarf team- Deep Borer, Gimlet, Runepriest w/ Hammer of Uskaya, King Highforge
Plaguelord- Rock Troll, plagulord w/ black manacles, Magnus, Plague
Skull damage team- Borealis, Rock Troll, Glacion, Keeper of Souls

This not only gives you a new experience but lets you level up different classes as well. Or try centering your teams around a certain goal. My plaguelord team does this by focusing on the effects of 4+ matches, I’ve had enemy teams stuck with multiple status conditions each and it’s hilarious. The skull damage team is also fun since it is a new style from just relying on spells.